Some festivities and celebrations, although they do not belong to our Italian culture, represent a truly significant moment of conviviality. On March 17, the Irish tradition offers an excellent reason to get together to celebrate: why not prepare a nice St. Patrick's menu ?

St. Patrick's Day: space for fun

This patron saint's day is, in Ireland, one of the most important holidays in the country: symbol and national pride, over the centuries it has become an occasion for great euphoria and socializing, to be spent with family or friends. Although it has no roots in our culture, its celebration is experienced in Italy as yet another reason to have fun in company. It will be the euphoria of Irish music, it will be the predominance of the color green, it will be that Ireland rhymes with Guinness: what is certain is that St. Patrick's Day is an opportunity not to be missed to offer your customers an original day, cheerful and why not, even greedy .

Traditional ideas for your St. Patrick's menu

The Irish party can become one of the thematic appointments of the event calendars of your catering activities. Although there are no typical recipes reserved for this particular day, there are some dishes that are never missing from the table of any self-respecting Irishman on special occasions.
The first is the unfailing Irish Stew , a slow-cooked mutton or lamb stew on a bed of potatoes, various vegetables, thyme and garlic. Do you want to surprise with a particular flavour? Add a little Guinness to the cooking sauce : a very Irish variation that will make the meat incredibly tender and tasty.
The second option is the Colcannon , a recipe made with bacon, cabbage and mashed or mashed potatoes. You could also think of a variant in a “ finger food ” key: present this dish in the form of croquettes , perhaps served in baskets or wrapped in green handkerchiefs. With our Combi Wave multipurpose oven , once the creamed potatoes, bacon and cabbage are covered in batter, you just need to place them on the micro-perforated baking tray with baking paper and cook in just three minutes.

And for a more creative menu...

If the idea of ​​offering a menu in line with Celtic traditions doesn't leave enough room for your creativity, you could focus on an unconventional and imaginative St. Patrick's menu: organize a theme day that focuses everything on greenery , from recipes to the installations.
Therefore, in addition to decorating your place with festoons, tablecloths and crockery that focus on the various shades of green, focus on simple and delicious recipes that you can color in the same shade. From drinks to single courses, there is no idea that cannot be declined in a green variant.
For your snacks, try adding a very simple guacamole sauce to serve as an accompaniment to fries. Alternatively, you can make piadina rolls to serve cut into small slices, stuffed with zucchini, spinach and spreadable cheese. To warm them up, just use the Combi Wave grill surface, which will bring everything to the right temperature in just 70 seconds.
Don't forget the dessert
Although the feast takes place during Lent, the Irish tradition provides that, during the day, it is allowed to indulge in whims and indulge in some peccadilloes . Take the opportunity to serve chocolate pancakes , perhaps adding a little green food coloring to the dough.
The secret to proposing a successful St. Patrick's menu is enclosed in a few simple ingredients: add a touch of Ireland (or greenery) to your recipes, decorate the place with a theme and, above all, make sure that your customers can enjoy a cheerful and carefree day. A little color and good humor can only be appreciated.
March 14, 2018
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