Thinking about how to create an Easter menu can be complicated for bars and businesses that don't want to organize the classic traditional lunch. You will be pleased to know, however, that there are many creative solutions to give life to nice, imaginative and tasty aperitifs and snacks . Let's discover them together.

An Easter menu for happy hour

The first thing to take into account while preparing your establishment for this great holiday is its traditional nature . In addition to being a religious celebration, it is usually experienced as a moment to be spent with family or friends, usually at home or in the open air. In fact, Easter is one of the first spring holidays, a perfect occasion to enjoy the first rays of the sun and warm days.
For establishments that don't have to worry about organizing Easter lunches and dinners , there is a simple and pleasant alternative capable of truly surprising your customers: we are talking about the moment of the aperitif , a ritual that often precedes large meals in company.

Easter cocktails: room for imagination!

Obviously, alongside the more traditional proposals, the Easter menu cannot miss special cocktails designed specifically for the holiday. Choose a color or an ingredient that can easily be linked to the symbolism of this day and then think of an alcoholic and a non-alcoholic version to offer to your customers. You could opt, for example, for two carrot-based cocktails, a nice reference to Easter bunnies:
  • Sunny Cocktail (non-alcoholic): carrot, apple and apricot juice mixed in equal parts and slightly diluted with a little water;
  • Indiana (alcoholic): two parts whiskey and one part brandy, served with a cherry and a slice of carrot as decoration.
Whichever option your customers prefer, don't forget to decorate the glass to perfection : you can make a coaster with straw threads as if it were a small nest, or add a plastic stick to the glass with a small greeting card .

Tasty appetizers for a tasty Easter

Organizing a small Easter buffet or even just an accompanying dish for your cocktails will undoubtedly leave your customers speechless.
A first idea that you can easily put into practice is to select three recipes typical of your region and transform them into a trio of delicious bites to serve on a plate. All easily made with speed by Combi Wave, the ideal multifunction oven for any type of recipe. Alternatively, the more classic Easter cake can be cut into many cubes and become an easy and delicious solution for a buffet of finger food proposals .
Still on the subject, have fun creating nice shapes with hard-boiled eggs , one of the main symbols of Easter, as well as a simple and quick dish to cook. You can serve them stuffed, or decorate them so that they turn into lots of chicks' faces : for the crest and beak, just carve a carrot, and make the eyes with two cloves.
To top it off, don't forget to leave a free treat for your customers : some chat, a handful of chocolate eggs, a slice of Colomba. It will be a little unexpected attention that will leave them with a pleasant memory of this nice Easter aperitif spent with you. For other spring ideas in the kitchen, let yourself be inspired by our chef's ideas .
March 22, 2018