Carbonara pasta is one of the most famous recipes of our cuisine. Daughter of the popular Italian tradition , it has always been one of the main symbols of our culture: even simple ingredients and flavours, if combined with art and passion, can leave you speechless (and belly full).
It is therefore not surprising that, on April 6, 2016, this video made by the French site Demotivateur unleashed the wrath of the entire boot. Millions of Italians cried out in front of this tutorial on carbonara pasta , demonstrating how this recipe fully expresses the attachment we have for our gastronomic traditions.
As a response to the French cousins' video, #CarbonaraDay was established last year: a way not only to remember this video-sacrilege, but above all to celebrate the goodness of a simple but always tasty recipe . Why not take advantage of it, then, to prepare a special menu designed especially for this day?

Pasta carbonara: let's make it simple

The real secret of this dish lies in its basic ingredients, few but good : bacon, pecorino cheese, eggs, black pepper and salt. No cream, no bacon; forget onions and garlic, carbonara is a hymn to simplicity. To make the preparation even simpler and faster, you can rely on Pastaland Passion , our infallible pasta cooker with which you can cook up to four different types of pasta and sauces together.

Seafood carbonara: a variant that falls in love

This is a variation on the traditional theme , which always enjoys great success: instead of altering the original recipe, it develops it, enhancing its flavours. You can choose to use swordfish, tuna, salmon, prawns, prawns or squid, according to your preference. Compared to the traditional list of ingredients, the fish will require you to add parsley and garlic . However, it is an integration that does not profane the classic recipe, but rather enriches it with a truly unique flavor that will leave your customers ecstatic.
You could also think of proposing short pasta shapes as an alternative to spaghetti: we suggest rigatoni, mezze Maniche rigate and bombardoni. Seeing is believing.

From the seas to the mountains for a special #CarbonaraDay

The best variants of the recipes are always those with fish, which invariably come with more rustic and full-bodied versions, typical of mountain gastronomy . Also in this case you can keep the traditional recipe unchanged, limiting yourself to replacing the bacon with smoked speck and adding chopped porcini mushrooms. The crunchy texture of the speck, combined with the creamy softness of the egg and mushrooms, creates a tasty and particular contrast.
If, on the other hand, you prefer to remain faithful to your origins without betraying the guanciale, you could include a nice plate of carbonara with vegetables on your menu. The flavor of the most typical recipe, in fact, mixes well with artichokes, courgettes or aubergines , to be cut into cubes or thin slices and left to fry together with the guanciale.
From tradition to alternative proposals, whatever the preference of your customers, with these ideas you will always be on the safe side, meeting anyone's taste. And what better way to celebrate #CarbonaraDay than to satisfy everyone's appetite?
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April 05, 2018