By now a habit, aperitifs for bars and clubs constitute an important part of the takings . The happy hour with buffet has become so frequent that it has a proper name: the apericena, a combination between the aperitif moment and some dinner dishes. Given the large number of proposals, it is necessary to study a varied and original menu , which is capable of intriguing and satisfying the public's desire for novelty. Take inspiration from our appetizer ideas made with Ice N Roll .

Ice N Roll, the only perfect ice cream for an aperitif

Inspired by Thai street ice cream, Ice N Roll is the solution for preparing instant creamy ice cream. The positive points that make Ice N Roll a revolution in ice cream products are:
  • Speed , because Ice N Roll is prepared in just 30 seconds;
  • Ease of use, which does not require specialized manpower;
  • Savings , because it allows you to prepare ice cream on demand without waste.
Another characteristic element of Ice N Roll is the possibility of creating any flavor of ice cream on the spot . And it is for this reason that it lends itself perfectly to an offer for aperitifs for bars.

How do you prepare Ice N Roll?

In the benefits above, we talked about ease of use. In fact, preparing Ice N Roll is very easy and does not require specialized personnel, which could cost too much for a bar that wants to offer original aperitifs. Here's how to make Ice N Roll in 6 steps:

  1. Blend the milk base with 2 liters of whole milk, or the water base with 2 liters of warm water;
  2. Pour the product obtained onto the plate, previously brought to temperature;
  3. Spread the mixture with the appropriate spreader without resting it completely on the plate;
  4. Decorate and fill as desired;
  5. When the product loses its shine, create small rolls using the appropriate spatula;
  6. Serve and decorate as desired.

Cocktails to eat

Thanks to its practical adaptability, Ice N Roll can be served not only with the classic cream and fruit flavours, but also in an alcoholic version . Just add wine, liqueur or any mixed drink to the ice cream mix. Our chef Simone Agosta recommends four precious proposals that lend themselves well to happy hour:

  1. Spritz Ice N Roll (50 g of water base, 50 g of spritz, 50 g of water) to be served with grated orange peel and salted peanuts;
  2. Ice N mojito (5 g of rum, ½ lime, fresh mint, 80 g of water, 50 g of water base) both in the classic version and with raspberry for a sweeter taste ;
  3. Ice N Roll Campari (50 g of water base, 50 g of campari, 50 g of water) accompanied by orange juice and olives;
  4. Lambrusco Ice N Roll (50 g of water base, 80 g of wine, 20 g of water) to be enriched with flakes of Parmigiano Reggiano and balsamic vinegar cream.

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The secret ingredient is creativity. Ice N Roll also lends itself to completing your cocktails , making them more special and scenic. Ice cream accompanied by a drink or dissolved in the mix at the time of consumption can enrich its flavor and offer the customer an experience out of the ordinary. We have experimented for you the completion of a London Mule with mint Ice N Roll (chopped mint, 100 g of water, 50 g of water base), the result is an original cocktail. In this way the offer differs and the notoriety of your restaurant grows.
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Buffet with ice cream

The other option that we recommend to make aperitifs for bars unique is the inclusion of novelties in the buffet. Certainly dishes such as pizzas and cold pasta cannot be missing, but it is good to add a preparation that characterizes the offer.
Summer aperitif idea: ice n roll melon with ham
In this Ice N Roll can help you to propose new combinations starting from traditional recipes. Ideal for the upcoming hot season, the raw ham and melon Ice N Roll recipe is a very fresh variation of the classic one. To prepare the ice cream:
  • blend 150 g of melon;
  • filter the mixture obtained;
  • add 50 g of fruit base.
You could offer free samples, inviting customers to take a paid dish or come back to your bar to taste the ice cream again.
aperitif idea for bars: mandarin ice n roll with prawns
For other pairings , the chef invites you to try prawns, mandarin and chives . Mandarin Ice N Roll can be made both with juice and with a concentrated infusion of mandarin peel. Chef Simone Agosta recommends mandarin peel for a more intense and aromatic taste. To prepare Mandarin Ice N Roll you will need:
  • infuse 150 g of tangerine peel in hot water;
  • add ½ squeezed mandarin;
  • mix with 50 g of fruit base.

one of the aperitif ideas for bars: pear and cheese ice n roll
Another interesting idea for aperitifs for bars is Ice N Roll with pears with Parmigiano Reggiano and balsamic vinegar . The recommended dosage is 60 g of pear extract, 40 g of water, 50 g of base. In this case the proportion for a perfect ice cream can vary from the fruit. If the pear is very ripe and rich in sugar, you will have a very dense product to which you will add 10/20 g of more water. Conversely, if the pear is unripe, add less water.
Furthermore, you can prepare exclusively vegan appetizers using the water-based preparation (and not milk-based) and products not of animal origin. Ice N Roll is in fact indicated for vegan and lactose-free preparations . Differentiating the aperitif buffet for bars helps to fight a monotonous offer, which tires customers in the long run. Find out more tips for a quality aperitif menu at reduced costs