There are many ideas for the buffet, but only a few are able to satisfy the most demanding palates and the most hurried customers. This is why we decided to draw up a real complete menu for a buffet lunch .

First rich, I'm sticking with it

The first courses are very practical dishes to create new ideas for the buffet. Thanks to their ability to maintain the taste at any temperature, they are comfortable proposals for those in the kitchen. In fact, the ease of cooking allows you to abound with portions without an exaggerated effort.

It is certainly one of the most popular courses in lunch buffets, which is why we advise you to win over your customers with a tasty offer. For example, prepare a tasty spelled salad with summer vegetables .

Ingredients for 4 people:

  • spelled 250 g
  • provolone 300 g
  • green beans 100 g
  • broccoli 350 g
  • cherry tomatoes 350 g

With Combi Wave you can break every spelled cooking record: it will be ready in just 30 seconds. Then add the vegetables and the sliced ​​provola and season with salt and extra virgin olive oil. Garnish everything with fragrant basil leaves, which will give an even more summery flavor to the dish.

Fried main course, but without oil

Summer is already here, even though many aren't on vacation yet. To give a pleasant holiday feeling, you could offer one of the summer dishes par excellence: fried fish with vegetables . Frying could deceive you, making you think that it is too heavy a dish among the ideas for the buffet. However, with Combi Wave you can give your fried foods the right crunchiness, without using oils .

Ingredients for 6 people:

  • mixed fish 800 g
  • zucchini 3
  • peppers 2
  • carrots 2
  • jalapeno peppers 12

Cooking times are usually demanding, but with Combi Wave you will have perfect frying in 90 seconds. You can then add battered vegetables such as zucchini, peppers, carrots and jalapeno to give an even more decisive taste to your dish.

The fried food will keep well in the buffet, especially if you use hot shelves to keep the fried food at the right temperature as if it were just ready.

Not your usual salad

Many people opt for a salad at lunchtime to stay light and not risk catching up on their desk. However, this doesn't mean it has to be the usual salad, the one with lettuce, tomatoes, carrots and corn. We will give you an unusual recipe, but the real advice in this case is to be daring.

Try new combinations of flavors, observe the response of customers and occasionally re-propose the most popular recipes. Because the secret is not to turn any salad into "the usual salad".

Carrot salad with watercress and parmesan flakes . Ingredients for 6 people:

  • carrots 10
  • watercress to taste
  • grits 30 g

It's a very simple recipe that fits well with our buffet ideas. You will have to slice the carrots into ribbons and put them to rest in water for 15 minutes. Meanwhile prepare the watercress, adding wine vinegar, oil, salt and pepper. Complete by adding the carrots to the leaf and garnishing with parmesan flakes. Always accompany the salad with a baked product, such as rosemary focaccia ready in 70 seconds with Combi Wave. A small trick, but one that will make your customers feel pampered.

A final sweet

Sometimes you want to get up from the table after a sweet treat, so why deprive customers who choose the buffet of this sweet sensation? Given their small size and ease of serving, brownies are perfect for the self-service option.

Ingredients for 6 people:

  • dark chocolate 265 g
  • butter 135 g
  • eggs 4
  • flour 00 135 g
  • sugar 225 g
  • hazelnuts 175 g

The low food cost, the possibility of serving it easily in small portions and the speed of preparation (60 seconds with Combi Wave) are all points in favor of including this typical American dessert among your ideas for the lunch buffet.

Why choose the buffet?

Now widely known as an aperitif, the buffet was born as an alternative to the traditional table service for lunch and dinner. The buffet is a convenient sales strategy for all establishments that have a lot of demand but little staff . Table service would lead to an increase in employees, with consequences also on the general costs of the venue. On the contrary, the buffet does not require extra resources, allowing you to increase revenues with the food revenue.

And if the buffet is the time for an aperitif for your establishment, we have thought of you too. Let yourself be inspired by our suggestions for an original aperitif menu with Ice N Roll .