The warm season has long since greeted us, but we must not allow low temperatures to reduce takings. Although it is a typically summer moment, if studied well, the aperitif can prove to be a surprise even in the cold. So here are some quick fall recipes that can help you keep happy hour sparkling.

Finger foods and appetizers

Appetizers are the principles of the aperitif, because they allow you to eat lightly before the real dinner. For this reason it is good to reduce the quantity of courses and make small portions that whet the appetite. One of the easy-to-make quick autumn recipes are baked potato spirals. Incredibly scenic, they will be loved by their shape. To prepare them in a short time, just rely on the functionality of Combi Wave, the multifaceted Techfood oven that allows you to cook, grill, toast, fry without oil and boil any food. The potato spirals will be light and crunchy, irresistible.

First dishes

In the quick autumn recipes of first courses, pumpkin cannot be missing. From risotto to gnocchi, don't forget to enhance the taste by flavoring your dishes with rosemary and basil. Another seasonal ingredient is radicchio, a risotto with the strong flavor of Treviso radicchio will amaze the palates of your customers. For meat lovers, on the other hand, offer speck and walnut spaghetti, for a taste of the mountains to suggest to those who have chosen to drink a full-bodied red wine. Pastaland Avant can help you in the kitchen, the Techfood machine capable of preparing quality first courses in a short time.

Second courses

If the main courses are the highlight of your buffet offer, then you could offer tasty chicken skewers with sesame and ginger. Dish that certainly refers to Indian cuisine, can be one of the best autumn recipes quick to prepare. Especially if you rely on the speed of Combi Wave for cooking, which cooks seven times faster than conventional ovens.

Inspired by Chinese cuisine, however, you could include the autumn version of the classic spring rolls on the menu. This time the flavor becomes more intense with the filling of courgettes, carrots, squash and walnuts, wrapped in a boiled cabbage leaf. An ideal dish to offer also to vegetarians, while for those who appreciate meat you can further stuff the filling with crunchy bacon.


Quick autumn recipes not only include the world of cooking, but also the universe of mixing. Varying the offer at the counter is essential to always keep the public's attention high for your establishment. For this reason we recommend these three cocktails to offer to your customers to fight the winter cold.

The first is the spiced Manhattan, whose flavor is embellished with tones thanks to cinnamon, pepper and cloves. Cinnamon cannot be missing even in the Ginger Martini, in which the vodka goes perfectly with raspberry liqueur, cranberry juice, ground cinnamon and ginger. Impossible to resist citrus cocktails, which is why you should include a variant of Neuroni with Bourbon, Vermouth, Campari and orange peel in the offer.

From drinks to food, the seasonality of foods and tastes can be a plus to keep the offer of your establishment varied and the interest of the public. To help you prepare quick dishes Techfood has created Combi Wave and Pastaland , find out more about our entrepreneurial solutions .