We greet the new month with the May recipes proposed by Techfood to embellish and make the menu of your establishment varied and original. Discover some of the recipes that will amaze your customers, prepared with seasonal products.

May recipes: must have vegetables

Although they are typical vegetables of the month of April, asparagus and artichokes are still in season and represent two special ingredients to give a different taste to your dishes.
Asparagus what goodness
Rich in energy substances, asparagus is an incredibly versatile food in the kitchen. From appetizers to side dishes, they can be cooked in various ways to offer alternatives to classic menu dishes. Among the May recipes that we offer based on asparagus, the asparagus lasagna stands out. Ideal for a vegetarian proposal to the traditional lasagna, the recipe with asparagus is usually accompanied by soft cheeses such as ricotta or burrata. But to give an extra flavour, you can let your imagination run wild by proposing lasagna with asparagus with almonds or saffron, or with an irresistible surface browning of smoked scamorza cheese. You just have to think about creativity in the kitchen, because Combi Wave takes care of cooking, the revolutionary Techfood oven that cooks a portion of baked pasta perfectly in just 2 minutes.
Asparagus is a vegetable often chosen by customers for its detoxifying properties. So if you want to create a menu for those on a diet or want to eat light, don't forget to offer asparagus. One of the easy to prepare and detox recipes for May is asparagus salad. After having cooked them, let them cool and then serve them with sun-dried tomatoes, shallots and some pine nuts.
Detox artichokes
Even artichokes, like asparagus, are among the favorite ingredients for those who are following a diet in view of the summer. The few calories and high fiber content make the artichoke one of the foods that cannot be missing in May recipes to get back in shape. Furthermore, their strong taste makes your courses tasty and appreciated. For a tasty first course, for example, we offer risotto with artichoke cream. The secret to making artichokes soft in risotto is to leave them to soak in water and lemon juice for 30 minutes. Lemon and mint can be used as a garnish for risotto to give a touch of spring freshness to the dish.
For a light lunch, propose a perfectly balanced main course. A good salmon fillet or salmon carpaccio with a side dish of pan-fried artichokes with wine to evaporate. A light dish, for those who don't want to give up on taste.
Legumes for the aperitif
Broad beans and peas are the two typical legumes that characterize the May recipes. Both can prove to be key ingredients in many dishes, perfect for any occasion. In fact, if we have previously suggested some recipes for the preparation of first and second courses, with broad beans we can offer you an original starting point for an aperitif. Try proposing a spicy broad bean cream, to be accompanied with strong-flavored cheeses such as pecorino romano. To prepare the cream, all you need is ricotta cheese, chilli pepper, garlic and a little basil to be blended together and proposed as an alternative to the classic sauces.
Even peas are such a versatile vegetable that they can be used in many ways for the aperitif buffet. Among the May happy hour recipes, we recommend the Russian seafood salad with asparagus, peas and shrimp. Easy to prepare and with limited costs, it will certainly be appreciated by those who love delicate combinations. For a slightly more homemade taste, try offering small panzerotti with peas, mozzarella and bacon. To be cooked using Combi Wave to make them crispy and light.
Asparagus, artichokes and legumes are foods with their own strong character, able to offer dishes and courses that satisfy every palate. From the customer on a diet to those who appreciate strong flavours, from the aperitif to the second course passing through the first course, they represent seasonal allies for proposing original and tasty May recipes.
April 11, 2024