Creating a cafe menu is an established strategy to increase sales. The lunch break is now a time to make money for establishments close to offices and schools, but some are limited in size, thus compromising the possibility of offering a kitchen service. Techfood wanted to take up the challenge , proposing a new solution capable of solving the problem.

Combi Wave Smart: the solution for small bars

Combi Wave Smart is the new bench system that adapts to the most extreme space conditions. Its compact dimensions reduce the encumbrance and thanks to its technologies it is possible to place it anywhere in the room without requiring a chimney. In fact, by cooking pre-cooked products, it does not produce fumes or odours, which is why it is suitable for all rooms that do not have a filtering system.

How to create a menu for bars with Combi Wave Smart

Combi Wave Smart is the perfect ally for bars, because it cooks 10 times faster than other technologies on the market and allows you to cover all times of the day. We asked our chef Simone Agosta to create a bar menu from appetizers to desserts, using only an oven.


Tempura is a great way to start a menu. Originally from Japanese cuisine, it can be reinterpreted with ingredients typical of Italian tables. Chef Simone, for example, recommends offering a very light fried anchovy, friggitelli and sage as an entrée. With Combi Wave Smart it is ready in half the time.


  • 300 g precooked breaded anchovies
  • 200 g pre-cooked breaded friggitelli
  • Precooked breaded sage


  • Place the products on a tray protected by parchment paper;
  • When the machine is ready, place the pan in the oven;
  • Select the recipe and start cooking for 90 seconds.

tagliatelle with mushrooms to create a bar menu with combi wave smart


With Combi Wave Smart you can also cook fresh products, such as the tagliatelle proposed by the chef to create a complete bar menu. In this recipe they are proposed with porcini mushrooms and scampi, for a vegetarian variant you just need to eliminate the shellfish.


  • 250 g fresh frozen noodles
  • 300 g porcini mushrooms
  • 20 scampi
  • Thyme and rosemary


  • Place the frozen fresh tagliatelle in a baking dish with the mushrooms and scampi;
  • When the machine is ready, select the recipe and start cooking for 4:00 minutes;
  • Halfway through cooking, mix the pasta;
  • Serve with thyme and rosemary.


For a surprising second aim for originality. Our chef recommends tuna skewers with bacon accompanied by roasted vegetables. A simple dish to prepare, but which enhances the raw material at the table and is appreciated for its diversity from the classic steaks.


  • 20 tuna skewers
  • 50g bacon
  • 500 g roasted vegetables


  • Wrap the pancetta around the tuna skewers;
  • Place the ingredients in a pan protected by parchment paper;
  • When the machine is ready, select the recipe and start cooking for 2:30 minutes.


At the end of the menu, we can't fail to end on a sweet note with caramelized pears in rum with pre-cooked shortcrust pastry. A dessert out of the traditional offerings, to be offered off the menu as well for a cuddle during the day.


  • 1 pear
  • Sugar to taste
  • 150 g pre-cooked shortcrust pastry


  • Wash and cut the fruit into pieces;
  • Place the pears on the pre-cooked pastry and add the sugar;
  • When the machine is ready, select the recipe and start cooking for 90 seconds.
  • Deglaze halfway through cooking with rum.

As you can imagine, the recipes for creating a bar menu are unlimited with Combi Wave Smart. Its technology allows you to quickly cook any type of product, without taking up any space.Discover all its merits .

April 15, 2024
Tags: bar menu