Oktoberfest is a special occasion for pubs and breweries to create a themed menu in honor of the Bavarian festival. In the last two weeks of September and the first of October, the October Festival is celebrated, one of the most famous events in the world in which 7 million mugs of beer are consumed every year. Not only beers, Bavarian cuisine is also the star of this event. Find out which are the five dishes that absolutely must be included in the Oktoberfest menu of your establishment.

Oktoberfest menu: bretzel to start

The popular bread with its unmistakable shape should not be missing from any beer hall's Oktoberfest menu. It can be served as an appetizer with typical cured meats such as speck, bacon, raw ham and cheeses . It can also be proposed as a single dish, with frankfurters, mustard and sauerkraut.
The original pretzels are dipped in caustic soda before being cooked in the oven and taking on their characteristic browning . For those who prefer to avoid safer solutions, caustic soda can be replaced with a solution of boiling water, bicarbonate and salt.

Brotsuppe for vegetarians

Ideal for offering vegetarians a tasty alternative on the Okoberfest menu , brotsuppe , or bread soup, is a typical dish of the German peasant tradition. As the name of the dish suggests, the main ingredient is bread , usually stale, accompanied by potatoes and vegetables.
To flavor the soup, use herbs and spices , especially pepper, nutmeg and chopped chives. A hot dish to be served with a portion of seasoned flaked cheese on the side.

Sauerkraut and frankfurters for classic lovers

A true classic that should never be missing from the Oktoberfest menu. Sauerkraut is a dish made with cabbage leaves cut into thin strips and left to ferment with salt, pepper and herbs. The preparation of the original sauerkraut takes about a month, i.e. the time necessary for the cabbage to ferment.
However, there are faster recipes, but just as good. Simply cook the cabbage cut into strips in the boiling broth for 30 minutes with salt, pepper and juniper berries. A quicker solution , but which always looks at the quality of the taste.

Shin for the bold

In the Oktoberfest menu of a beer hall, it is also a must to include the pork knuckle , accompanied by baked potatoes. To help the cooking process Combi Wave , the revolutionary oven that reduces minutes and keeps the quality of the dish intact. In just 2 minutes and 50 seconds it cooks the shank, and to keep the meat tender, moisten it with beer.
To be served with roasted potatoes and sprigs of rosemary for a more intense flavor and a stronger taste.

Strudel to conclude

Apfelstrudel is a recipe that dates back to ancient times. It is thought that the origin of the dessert can even be traced back to the Assyrians, although the country where today's recipe was born is Austria. There are many versions of strudel, but the typical ingredients are: raisins, apples, sugar, cinnamon, walnuts or pine nuts.
It is often accompanied by cream or ice cream, and for an original dish we suggest a combination with Ice n Roll . Strudel can be proposed with Ice n Roll with dried fruit or with grappa for a decidedly more Nordic flavour.
From appetizers to desserts, passing through classic recipes and vegetarian variations. How will you celebrate Oktoberfest in your venue? Tell us in the comments.
April 10, 2024