Fried is Good, Fast is Better

For the Easter 2022 menu, our chef Simone Agosta's proposal is spring-like and traditional. It opens with an appetizer of fresh vegetables combined with a delicious sorbet, continues with a first course based on crêpes and ends with the meat symbol of the Easter tradition.

We will see how
all the suggested dishes can be prepared in a simple way thanks to the technology of Techfood food machines, which guarantee optimal and fast cooking of the foods that are the protagonists of this Easter menu .

easter menu


Light and delicious appetizer: salad and Ice N Roll

If a good lunch begins with an appetizer, it will be necessary to make a good impression right away. To open the Easter menu, the chef offers a delicious and genuine solution : a salad of seasonal vegetables , accompanied by an excellent cheese .

The raw artichoke and mixed salad salad , for example, goes well with an Ice N Roll with pecorino cheese . The latter, prepared on the spot and easily with the homonymous food machine for the instant freezing of ice creams and sorbets, can be seasoned with bitter honey, from arbutus or chestnut for example, and with toasted almonds.
The result is a light appetizer rich in important nutrients.

Nutritious and genuine first course: crêpe nests

And since appetite comes with eating, it will be necessary to introduce a tasty and nutritious first course into the Easter menu.
The chef's proposal falls on crêpe nests , delicious and practical to prepare thanks to the combined use of Rondò Complex and Combi Wave .
Once the base is prepared with the neutral crêpe dough , the nests are then filled with asparagus and bacon ; then add a quail egg in the center and finish cooking in the oven .

But the egg is not the only symbolic ingredient of Easter, the second dish suggested is strongly inspired by tradition.

mashed potato

Good and traditional second course: lamb chops

In the Easter menu 2022, as per tradition, we can finally introduce lamb meat.

We can, for example, top off the meal with marinated lamb chops cooked comfortably in the Combi Wave oven . These can be combined with mashed potatoes flavored with paprika, for example.

The purée, prepared simply and quickly with the Steamì steam wand , is a good side dish solution that can be prepared on the spot.

At the end of the meal comes the dessert, between a stuffed dove and a Squeezite idea .

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