As summer approaches, the desire for fresh and delicious food grows and, at the same time, to go out for an aperitif with friends, taking advantage of the light until late.
For an activity that is interested in increasing its turnover and satisfying its customers, it is therefore essential not only to satisfy the needs of the season but also to distinguish itself by following the latest trends.
So why not differentiate yourself through a particular offer?
Ideal for intriguing and increasing turnover is Ice N Roll , the plate for instantly creaming ice cream and sorbets , giving them an unmistakable rolled shape. In just 30 seconds you can serve an original ice cream of any flavour.
Perfect for differentiating your venue from the competition, it also lends itself to making original cocktails , without the expense of the refrigerated counter of classic ice cream shops.
ice n roll

What are the benefits of Ice N Roll?

Low food cost.
A portion of Ice N Roll costs just €0.30 and is therefore ideal for a profitable and long-lasting income.
Ready in 30 seconds.
You can cream any flavor in seconds, speeding up the line and ensuring customer safety.
Captivating tastes.
You can prepare any flavor upon request. The bases for preparing Ice N Roll are suitable for classic, vegan or lactose-free creams and sorbets, but also for alternative and fun cocktails and creations.
Space-saving workstation.
The entire arrangement of Ice N Roll occupies only 80 cm and can also be placed outdoors or on delicious street food carts.

We come to us: how do you prepare Ice'n Roll?

Preparing Ice N Roll is very simple and does not require specialized personnel, making it perfect for a bar that wants to offer original aperitifs . Here's how to make Ice N Roll in 6 steps:

  1. Blend the milk base with 2 liters of whole milk, or the water base with 2 liters of warm water;
  2. Pour the product obtained onto the plate, previously brought to temperature;
  3. Spread the mixture with the appropriate spreader without resting it completely on the plate;
  4. Decorate and fill as desired;
  5. When the product loses its shine, create small rolls using the appropriate spatula;
  6. Serve and decorate as desired.

And the cocktails?

We promised you aperitifs, and cocktails you will have: thanks to its practical adaptability, Ice N Roll can be served not only with the classic cream and fruit flavors, but also in an alcoholic version . It will be sufficient to add wine, alcoholic bases or any mixed drink to the ice cream mix. Let's see together some original proposals that lend themselves perfectly to happy hour:
Spritz Ice N Roll (50 g of water base, 50 g of Aperol or Campari spritz, 50 g of water) to be served with grated orange peel and salted peanuts;
Ice N mojito (5 g of rum, ½ lime, fresh mint, 80 g of water, 50 g of water base) for an even fresher summer classic;
Ice N Roll Campari (50 g of water base, 50 g of campari, 50 g of water) accompanied by orange juice and a couple of olives;
Lambrusco Ice N Roll (50 g of water base, 80 g of wine, 20 g of water) to be enriched with balsamic vinegar cream for a truly Emilian aperitif.
Obviously these are just a few suggestions: don't set limits to your imagination and try many sensational recipes with Ice N Roll . Rolled ice cream can prove to be a safe investment and a fun food to amaze your customers from breakfast to late in the evening. We are curious to know how you will amaze your customers!