Fried is Good, Fast is Better

Serving aperitifs and quick meals at the bar implies the need to have a varied offer to meet customer expectations.

But the point is: how to match the variety of the menu with the sustainability of the restaurant? We have answered this question with a solution that meets the tastes of many: fried foods.

From vegetables, to fish, to meat, we will see what are the advantages - with minimum investment - of providing fried food solutions on the bar menu which makes fast food a strong point.

fish and chips

Fried food and receipts: what's the relationship?

Fried foods make a place more attractive for two main reasons: they are a mouth-watering proposal for customers of any age group; they offer many possibilities that can be exploited to satisfy every palate.

Enriching the menu with fried foods to boast a varied and at the same time quality offer is an optimal choice also for increasing the sales of your restaurant.
Sales which, due to preparation times and ease of consumption of fried foods, are easily compatible both with consumption in dining rooms, with consumption outdoors, and with take-away and delivery.

Adding fried foods to the menu is also possible for those establishments that do not have large spaces in the kitchen or highly specialized personnel and with a single food machine: the Combi Wave oven .

mixed fried dish

The mixed menu fried, cooked in the oven

To cook fried food you need a multipurpose and multifunction oven, such as the Combi Wave .
Making dishes among the most popular and appreciated such as french fries, onion rings, pork cutlet, mixed fried fish, croquettes, meatballs, etc. it is fast and possible at a low production cost .

For example, a 700g portion of fries can be obtained in 3 minutes and at a cost of €0.35; a complete plate of French fries (300g) and mixed fried fish (200g) is made, for example, in 1:30 min and at a cost per portion of €2.2.

Do you want to know all the solutions in the recipe book? Request more information .

March 10, 2022