Chocolate is in the air, especially on Valentine's Day

Sweets for Valentine's Day have always been a trendy present to entice the partner's throat. The challenge for catering businesses, even on this occasion, is to offer their customers a wide variety of attractive but sustainable proposals .

Starting with chocolate , the main ingredient on Valentine's Day, we have formulated a series of ideas that can be used during the various phases of the day and can be made with three aces up your sleeve: Rondò Unika, Squeezita and Chocos.

sweet crepes with nutella

5 sweets with chocolate, a Rondò Unika

Also known as a valuable natural aphrodisiac, chocolate is the main ingredient of the best-selling sweets on February 14th. The correlation is dubious, but one consideration is certain: many people like chocolate and it inspires many ideas for sweets for Valentine's Day , delicacies ranging from breakfast to dinner and which can also be made thanks to a single machine : Rondò Unika , in fact .

The day of lovers, at the counter as with delivery in bed, can start with donuts and waffles for breakfast. And continue from brunch to snack, passing through pancakes , churros and crêpes .
The chocolate variation of these desserts is made special in taste by the Squeezita dark cream; and it can easily be enriched in combination with the white version with hazelnuts or with custard or pistachio. Fresh seasonal fruit and edible colored petals will be useful in completing a design proposal.

choco burger

Chocolate desserts, inspired by the savory

The dessert proposals for Valentine's Day cannot fail to include a romantic dinner.
At this stage of the day, our proposal has a watchword: choco .
Solutions such as the choco burger and the choco kebab are an excellent solution, for example, both for consumption on the spot and on the road. Then there is the choco pizza which, on the other hand, is also a valid offer for take-away or home delivery.

Stimulating the curiosity, as well as the gluttony, of your customers is a possible mission with a valid intuition, but it can also be successful with a proposal that is both varied and achievable on-demand.

Which Valentine's Day dessert will you impress your customers with this year? Tell us in the comments.