If every occasion is good for a themed party, what better idea than Halloween? On the eve of All Saints' Day, the hall becomes a stage for witches, ghosts and zombies; as the tables are crowded with scary pumpkins and sinful goodies. We have identified some sweet and savory proposals for quick and successful Halloween dishes.
On the scariest night of the year, the only rule your guests will have to abide by is: don't be afraid to go overboard . Let yourself be amazed by the simplicity of preparation thanks to the professional ovens of the Combi line and the Squeezita dispenser .

Fried without oil, a magic in the Halloween menu

The sorcerer of this impossible mission is Combi Wave which, in addition to knowing how to cook and heat up 20 times faster than other ovens, is able to fry without oil.

You can make an excellent mixed fry in 3 and a half minutes. Among the more adventurous customers, the seaweed fritters and the patasmile, croquettes with a nice shape that recalls that of a carved pumpkin, find approval. You can serve them with red ketchup or Chutney sauce, a mint and green mango condiment very common in India.

Sweet goodies, sins squeezed out of fear

There are desserts that have no mysteries or limits if the secret is cooking in a Combi Wave and the Squeezita filling :
  • From soufflé to chocolate ready in 60 seconds with a scary soul;
  • to the cheesecake ready in just 30 seconds per portion and garnished with strictly red sauce, such as strawberry or raspberry;
  • to soft muffins , also ready in just 30 seconds per portion with Combi Wave, on which to draw monstrously tasty faces, your Halloween sweets buffet will be damn simple and good.

In short, all you need is a little imagination and very little time to amaze your customers with a themed offer, if you have the right equipment. Useful equipment not only for making dishes for Halloween, but indispensable for simplifying daily service, from breakfast to dinner. Which Combi model will be most suitable for the needs of your establishment? Find out with a simple test .
October 28, 2021