Boom in the consumption of Roman pinsa in 2020, the sale of this rediscovered dish grew by +184% . A hot trend to churn out even in your restaurant, whether it's a diner, a pub or a bar that offers quick lunches. With Combi Wave Smart you take one out of the oven every 150 seconds, even without a flue if you start from a pre-cooked Roman pinsa base.

We asked our chef Simone Agosta what are the most interesting pairings to include in a gourmet menu, here is his proposal with valuable advice to make the result even more appreciable.

4 savory combinations that are like er cacio on macaroni

Like other similar leavened products (pizza and focaccia), pinsa is mainly served in a savory version. Its versatility offers so many possibilities for filling that chef Agosta advises you to go beyond the classic combinations. Try filling a pre-cooked pinsa with:
  • scamorza, bacon and mushrooms;
  • sliced ​​pumpkin and fiordilatte mozzarella;
  • raw ham, stracchino cheese, rocket and pomegranate;
  • salmon, spinach and avocado.
One tip to make the pinsa you bring to the table even more unique is its presentation. Its oval shape lends itself to being rolled up and resembling an Italian-flavored taco. All you need to do is style it after taking the pre-cooked Roman pinsa out of your Combi Wave Smart and before enriching it with the chosen ingredients.
To make the dough crunchy, remember to apply a brushstroke of water and oil to hydrate it before cooking . This step allows you to let the pinsa pasta grow, creating the bubbles and making it fragrant.

Sweet Roman pinsa, hello core!

Yes, the pre-cooked Roman pinsa that you usually serve in the savory version will make you fall in love with the sweet version. In this case, chef Agosta advises you to combine Squeezita creams , which are balanced to enrich any flavor variation. Try filling a pre-cooked pinsa with:
  • figs, pine nuts and Squeezita dark chocolate;
  • ricotta and Squeezita pistachio;
  • banana, chopped hazelnuts and Squeezita large hazelnut.
As for the salty pinsa rolled up like a taco, you could try working the pre-cooked base like strudel dough and filling it with Squeezita apricot jam, apples and icing sugar.
Squeezita lends itself to many regional recipes, such as focaccia all'olio. If you missed the test made by a genuine Genoese, look at the Pissed Barista stuffing a piece with pistachio Squeezita:

Roman, Roman grip of Rome

What we call modern Roman pinsa is a reinterpretation of a recipe from Ancient Rome, in which ground cereals were mixed with salt and aromatic herbs, mashed and cooked like focaccia. Not surprisingly, the term "pinsa" derives from the Latin "pinsere", or to stretch and crush .
The recipe has been renewed over the years, but some characteristics of the Roman pinsa are still the same as in the past, including the oval shape, the large amount of water in the dough and the low percentage of yeast. Elements that make it lighter, more digestible and different from pizza.
Bring it to your establishment as an alternative to the classic high oven margherita, with Combi Wave Smart you can cook a pre-cooked Roman pinsa every 150 seconds without a smoke hood . For information, contact us.
September 23, 2021