Ice cream is a passion without boundaries of taste, but we will see that there are versions with a strong emphasis on origins and gastronomic tradition. And as with the traditional ice cream, there are no surprise limits for Ice N Roll rolled ice cream.

An example of this is the creative proposal of IRolls Cefalù , a pastry shop and ice cream parlor in the province of Palermo which offers infinite flavors of our rolled ice cream dedicated to the Sicilian tradition . Arancina, cassata and cannolo are the ones that impressed us the most, and which we propose in this article.

Frozen arancina, Ice N Roll in savory edition

The orange, one of the most cultivated fruits in the fertile Sicilian lands, whose shape and color inspires one of the temptations that is difficult to resist when visiting the island: the arancina, or arancino if you are in Catania. Linguistic question aside, the arancina also knows variations of taste.

In addition to the classic version based on rice, tomato sauce and meat sauce, you can find it in the various kiosks with mozzarella and cooked ham, with provola and peas , alla norma, and again with pistachio, peas, sausage, swordfish, fruit seafood and then, why not, in a rolled ice cream version.

When the classic taste of Sicilian arancina is combined with the softness of ice cream, a special version of salted rolled ice cream is born on the iRolls counter .

From roll comes Ice N roll, with cannoli

Originally rolled up on river reeds, from which it takes its name, the cannolo was born in Sicily but is one of the best known desserts in the world. Of course, each Sicilian city has its secrets in preparation, but sheep's milk ricotta and chocolate are essential ingredients in the filling of the Sicilian cannoli.

We could say that the cannoli has several aspects in common with the rolled ice cream - the delicacy, the goodness, the shape - but there is one peculiarity that stands out among them: both must be consumed immediately after preparation to fully enjoy their consistency .

Ice N Roll, special Cassata

The cassata is certainly demanding in the preparation but it gives a lot of satisfaction, to the sight as well as to the taste, both of those who prepare it and of those who consume it.

Born from the intuition of a shepherd who mixed sheep's milk ricotta and sugar in a basin called " quas'at ", cassata was formerly the dessert for celebrating Easter.
However, enjoying it solely as a reward for Lenten sacrifices was an understatement, so today it is eaten all year round. IRolls has therefore tested it in a typically summer combination in an ice cream version.

Thanks to the technology of the Ice N Roll machine , there will be infinite possible flavors of rolled ice cream that you can add to your summer menus and with a great advantage: a food cost of only €0.30 . Which traditional dessert from your region would you like an Ice N Roll preparation?
August 03, 2021