The days are getting longer and the temperature is starting to rise, the awakening season has begun: this is the right time to propose a spring menu and make your establishment's offer more colourful.
We spoke to our chef to get some advice for you: the watchwords are fresh, colorful and fragrant dishes.
So, his advice is to start with vegetables: broad beans, peas, artichokes and asparagus, the perfect ingredients to give that scent and color that whets your customers' appetites.
Seasonal vegetables are always an excellent starting point for an attractive offer and to keep the quality of the proposals high, but in spring this is even more true because the possibility of choice is very high and it would be a shame not to take advantage of it. And if it is true that in the era of globality the trend is to seek consumption as km0 as possible, why not take advantage of fashion and use it as a communication lever?
In our spring menu, only fresh vegetables produced in the area.
A useful site that we really liked and that we want to recommend is seasonal vegetables where month by month you can find the updated list and some advice on how to use it.
So here are some dishes to enrich the spring menu with the recipes that we asked our chef to recommend:
a very simple and quick first course, very suitable for lunch, it is certainly a nice short pasta topped with ricotta, zucchini sautéed with our Combi Twist Plus , and wheat germ while if you want to propose a more elaborate and delicious dish, a fresh idea and fragrant are the swivels, prepared with crepes stuffed with champignon mushrooms and served on a bed of mixed salad.
Together with the vegetables, fish is certainly the master and then another nice combination of taste and color are the broad beans with shrimps, as a condiment for a pasta or as a base for a salad.
Continuing with the suggestion of colors, our chef offers us a simple but very spectacular dish: chicken strips with paprika accompanied by peas and corn prepared in butter. A beautiful red, green and yellow tricolor, made possible by the use of spices that can give us that particular color and scent suitable for the season that is beginning.
The recipes would be endless, but the concept is to bring freshness, color and scent into your spring menus using seasonal vegetables, fish and spices.
Do you have any ideas?
Why don't you write us how you interpreted our advice and what you came up with?