Three days of vacation that can be transformed into an excellent opportunity to propose new ideas for creative Easter menus: a different Easter breakfast, a regional menu or a picnic basket for trips outside the city, and why not, a little of decorations, color and spring air.
The days are getting longer, spring is upon us and if the sky helps us with sunshine and mild temperatures, many people will allow themselves a few days of travel and vacation.
So what better time to prepare an ad hoc offer and use a little creativity to attract the many families and groups of friends who will choose this long weekend for a visit to the cities of art or a trip out of town?
Saturday, Sunday and Easter Monday are the perfect occasion to decorate and give a new look and color to your store : garlands, colored and painted eggs, bunnies of all shapes and materials to be used as centerpieces or placeholders, or simply to donate for the little ones as a game while waiting for the meal.
We point out this rich gallery of photos from which to draw inspiration.
To make the little ones experience the Easter atmosphere, paper placemats are enough to paint with themed drawings or small cardboard shapes in addition, obviously, to the much desired and requested surprise eggs and which, if they are handcrafted, make even the grown-ups happy.
The crepes, castagnole, waffles and waffles on your menu can be garnished with chocolate eggs or bunnies. With a little creativity each of your dishes is transformed and dressed up for an Easter menu.
Colombe and chocolate eggs are the symbol of this festivity which sees its maximum expression in desserts and Sunday breakfast .
The Italian regional dishes offer us a wide choice of Easter sweets ranging from the Neapolitan pastiera to the spiced braid, from the Easter pizza to the Sicilian cashier, to the Trieste pinch. But let's not forget the frappole, chiacchere, frappe, bugie, cenci, intrigoni, crostoli, which are counted among the carnival sweets but which certainly lend themselves to being offered even in these festive days.
So why not offer a tour of beautiful Italy through its Easter cakes? It will be an opportunity for your regular customers to taste products from other regions and foreign patrons, so fascinated by Made in Italy, will thank you very much and won't forget you!
We also recommend using the same mechanism to offer a picnic basket for a trip to the meadows or to the sea, or for lunch in the open air on Easter Monday.
Do you have outdoor tables or a bucolic location? Why don't you offer tasty arrosticini? A food that absolutely cannot be missed during the Easter weekend is lamb and recreating the atmosphere of a grilled barbecue could be a winning choice: with Techfood's Combi Twist Plus you can prepare the typical Abruzzo-style lamb arrosticini in just a few minutes to which to add kebabs and sausages always cooked in our oven and accompany them with potatoes and beer.
If, on the other hand, you don't have tables outside, why not prepare a Ligurian basket ? You could fill it with a Ligurian-style stockfish salad, which the Genoese call "brandacujun" and we'll leave the translation up to you, a basket of broad beans and pecorino cheese and a slice of the famous and succulent Torta Pasqualina.
Send us photos and tell us about your creative solutions.
Happy Easter everyone!
March 05, 2015