Is it possible to prepare a fish menu in a few minutes? It is the challenge that we have launched to our laboratory, let's find out together what he has proposed to us.
Differentiating the offer of dishes for your customers throughout the week is certainly a great way to build loyalty and cultivate the curiosity of the regular customer. Today it is possible to meet that type of clientele attentive to variety, with the preparation of varied and innovative menus, without having to give up tasty and captivating dishes.
For a young and passing public , when entering or leaving school, the best products are undoubtedly the take away ones, heated up in a short time and ready to be eaten while walking or at the bus stop.
However, lunch time is also the time in which, more than anyone else, we can intercept the needs of the many employees who in an hour, at most an hour and a half, must be able to have lunch and switch off.
For them it is necessary to think of diversified menus that allow them to come to your restaurant even several days in a row knowing that they will always find different things. It is not necessary to have a card that is too complex, a couple of options are enough, but different every day.
In our laboratory we have designed a Friday lunch menu based on fish and vegetables.
Let's start with an appetizing starter of polenta and cod , ready in just 7 minutes thanks to Techfood technology.
While our guests consume the appetizer we finish cooking the ricotta and spinach cannelloni , we recommend the Barilla ones, with a cooking time of a few minutes.
As a second course we let you choose between lighter courses such as prawn skewers and salmon steak or a more appetizing fried fish and vegetable bag with a mixture of squid, vegetables and prawns; all with cooking times ranging from 3.5 to 6.5 minutes.
A chocolate cake or a muffin are the worthy closure of a rich and light meal.
We must remember that, both for business lunches and for lunch breaks, it is always necessary to have at least one light proposal so as not to weigh down those who will have to spend many hours on the phone or on the computer.
Surely another important trick to be interesting for this type of target is to allow the use of meal vouchers given by companies: why not offer a rechargeable card where you can accumulate meal vouchers for the month? Convenient and fast for you and for the customer.
An excellent tool of inspiration that we offer you is the recipe book supplied with the purchase of Combi Twist Plus by Techfood , more than 70 dishes with cooking times and suggestions on raw materials, continuously updated, which will allow you to invent dozens of menus interchangeable.
In fact, with Techfood's Combi Twist Plus it is possible to design quick menus using frozen or pre-cooked foods, fry without oil and restore crunchiness and freshness to baked goods.
Follow us to know the next recipes in preparation!
February 19, 2015