For many bars, breakfast for students and teachers represents an important moment of the day in terms of sales value and workload, especially in the busiest time slot, i.e. between 07:00 and 09:00 in the morning.

Satisfying the demand before entering school or faculty is a necessity that translates into the ability of bars to formulate a breakfast proposal that meets the three requirements that we explore in this article: completeness, variety and speed of food and drink service.

Breakfast as it should be: 3 requirements

If for students and teachers, breakfast at the bar represents an important break before starting the day; for bartenders, it represents a moment of maximum concentration to be enhanced with the best service capacity. What makes the offer at breakfast an efficient proposal? The answer to the following three main characteristics.


Breakfast must guarantee a sufficient energy intake for students and teachers to face the school day, an intake which therefore varies according to the gender and age of the customer.


To meet the tastes and food needs of many, the food and drink offer must range from sweet to savory and from hot to cold, both with classic proposals and with proposals formulated for specific diets.


The greatest number of students at breakfast is concentrated in the time slot before nine in the morning. To satisfy the greatest number of requests it is extremely important to guarantee a quality service in the shortest possible time .

How to reconcile these three characteristics? With a well organized offer.

Techfood breakfast

From theory to practice, from showcase to counter

A properly equipped room is able to serve breakfast to students in a simple and organized way, satisfying all the requirements listed above.
To offer a complete breakfast , for example, it may be useful to formulate predefined combinations of products which, on the one hand, balance the various nutrients; on the other, they facilitate the preparation by the operators.

To offer multiple types of food and drink , however, it is important to have the ability to cook different foods such as waffles and donuts, but also crêpes and pancakes inside the restaurant thanks to food machines such as the Rondò Unika , and to serve ready-made drinks to drink, such as those proposed by Pausa and created by Techfood in collaboration with the Italian Food Factory.

tech food breakfasttech food breakfast

The speed of service is not a problem if you have machines that allow food to be cooked very quickly - think that thanks to the Combi Wave oven it is possible to cook about 18 croissants in 360 seconds - and to dispense soluble drinks with simplicity guaranteed by Ginny4.0 .

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