As you probably know, it will soon be Dìa de los Muertos . What is it about? It is none other than the Day of the Dead, or November 2nd, which in Mexico takes on a very different value from that attributed to it in Italy. In those parts, in fact, it is a day of celebration, in which the deceased return to earth to visit the living who usually prepare altars for them with photos, flowers and food.
Parades, dances and music are organized on the streets of the cities and most of the people are masked to represent the typical Mexican skull , now the symbol of this event.
So how to prepare a Mexican dinner?

Choose the basis
As a base to be filled according to the customer's taste and imagination, we can think of two alternatives: Tortilla or Taco.
Very similar to our piadina, the Techfood version of the classic Mexican tortilla is made up of a blend of 3 flours: corn, wholemeal and double zero. A renowned ethnic and international focaccia aimed at young consumers. Baked a second time with yellow cheese, it becomes the legendary tacos.
Taco is a crunchy pastry folded on itself, ideal to be filled and enjoyed in just a few bites.
Select the main ingredients
We then move on to choosing the main ingredient, traditionally Chili and Chicken Fajitas.
Chil i is a dish made with ground beef, beans, peppers and spices . Preparation takes a few hours but can easily be speeded up with the use of Steamì .
The alternative to Chili is a chicken-based dish, Fajitas . The result is always highly appreciated.
mexican tacos dish

What side dishes?
At this point you can move on to the most stimulating part of assembling your taco, that is choosing the side dishes. More choice will be offered in this section. the more the customer will be encouraged to try different combinations with a consequent increase in the average receipt . Make way for imagination, then, with fresh and colorful side dishes , such as tomatoes, lettuce, avocado, onion, cheese, olives and corn.

The sauces are king

There is no taco or tortilla without sauces, an indispensable ally to give a tasty final touch to our Mexican-style dinner. Mexican sauce , therefore, easily available on the market, but also classic and always tasty guacamole sauce , yogurt sauce and spicy oil.
Passion for treats
A self-respecting Mexican dinner cannot give up even small whims. You will win over customers with nachos , crunchy corn triangles to eat accompanied by the sauces listed above, also ideal as an accompaniment to an aperitif.
For an original and spicy proposal, opt for Hot Jalapenos , small peppers stuffed with breaded and fried cheese. You can prepare them or buy them frozen and then fry them without oil with Combi Wave .
nachos mexican dinner
And the drinks?
Mexican cuisine is very flavorful and notoriously spicy, which is why your patrons will be happy to drink often.
Therefore, a fresh and refreshing cerveza - Mexican beer - with a slice of lime cannot be missing .
And, for the more adventurous or for those who arrive in the late evening, the Margarita . It is a cocktail based on Tequila, Triple Sec and lime juice, three ingredients that mixed in the right doses create a really interesting mix.
The alternatives are many and stimulating but the important thing is to offer your customers an unprecedented experience while simultaneously approaching new patrons attracted by an alternative proposal.
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