Summer is ending and the ice cream sale is leaving. Other than a musical catchphrase, the real concern for club managers is seasonality and with it lower revenues. In particular, the cold supply sector feels the brunt of all with the arrival of autumn. The question arises: what can an ice cream parlor sell to avoid seasonal constraints ? We talked about it together with Michele Nella, owner of the Porta San Zeno ice cream parlor in Lazise (VR) and trusted Techfood customer.

The summer season is almost over, how was this year?

Very well, we scored +30% on receipts and mainly thanks to tourism intrigued by our offer. The ice cream parlor is located on Lake Garda, in one of the best-known towns in the area. In 90% of cases our customers are foreigners on holiday , but there are also Italians, especially during the traditional holiday period in August .

Will you still be open in autumn?

Yes, until November. Despite the lower temperatures, we are able to propose an offer for autumn and spring , adapting it to customer preferences.

Besides ice cream, what can an ice cream parlor sell?

We offer cold products such as soft yogurt, smoothies and granitas, but also breakfasts and lunches. We are open from 07:00 in the morning until 1:00 in the morning and we are able to cover the whole day. It is essential for an ice cream parlor to broaden the offer because the ice cream parlor service slots are limited: it is difficult to sell in the early morning, for example. So we also prepare waffles, sweet and savory crêpes.

what can an ice cream parlor sell

Do you use Techfood equipment to make them?

Yes, we use Rondò Unika for sweet and savory crêpes to which Ice N Roll is added to sell an ice cream that is different from the traditional one. In fact, customers are enthusiastic about its preparation and presentation, also posting the product on Instagram.

How can Ice N Roll and Rondò Unika help an ice cream shop?

They help a lot to cover different time slots and then increase the sales possibilities because they increase the offer, distinguish the place and intrigue the customers. For example Ice N Roll is sold at the window, in front of which the queue of customers forms. Many are attracted not only by the idea of ​​rolled ice cream, but also by the amount of people waiting to taste it.

What Ice N Roll flavors do you usually offer?

We offer 6 flavors of Ice N Roll, 3 fruit base and 3 creams, but sometimes we insert special flavors, such as the Spritz . Ice N Roll is very convenient for this, because it allows you to vary the menu at any time , without leaving any leftovers from the previous flavours.

what can an ice cream parlor sell

Going back to social media, how important is the presence of the ice cream shop?

Very much, but often there is no time to dedicate. Usually my children take care of it, although occasionally I reply to comments too. We do what we can and we recognize how important it is to be present on social media to have direct contact with the customer.

In a previous interview you stated that quality, professionalism and communication are the three cornerstones for the success of a restaurant. Do you still agree?

Even more, because in recent years I have had confirmation of it . Before I managed the business, now I have left everything in the hands of my children who have more digital and linguistic communication skills. They know English and German and the relationship becomes much closer with all customers, even foreigners.

Michele Nella has been relying on Techfood technologies for his restaurant for years. Thanks to the combination of Ice N Roll and Rondò Unika, there is no longer any doubt about what an ice cream parlor can sell before and after the summer. Do you want to know which combination is right for you? Contact us for a free consultation .

September 12, 2019