When it comes to historic places , there are numerous variables to consider . If on the one hand you can count on a certain reputation, on the other it is necessary to maintain high quality standards and satisfy customer expectations by updating the offer. In this regard, we asked those who understand historical places a few questions: Carlo Facondo, owner ofL'Oasi delle Dolcezze , the greedy heart of the Roman coast since 1950.

Where is the oasis of sweetness located? Does the location influence its success?

We are in Ladispoli, a town on the Lazio coast. We are positioned in the center of the main square, therefore well in sight. And this for about 65 years, we have been the historical memory of the place!

How did you decide to open your restaurant?

I inherited it from family management. For me it was a great challenge, we are a point of reference and I wanted to keep the quality high.

What do you propose?

Hot and cold desserts . We started out as a kiosk of granitas and cremolati, then over time we introduced some hot proposals. The undisputed protagonists are the crêpes, but we also prepare waffles and churros. For some time now we have also been offering a night sandwich service.

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What is the specialty of your restaurant?

We are originally from the Amalfi coast, so our granitas are very popular, especially the Sorrento lemon one. Lately we've also been working a lot with sandwiches, but our crêpes have literally made history in Ladispoli.

What are the strengths of the venue?

As already mentioned, being one of the historic places in the city certainly helps us. However, our tradition would not be enough without the proposals for different moments of the day that we have developed over the years.

Why did you choose to rely on Techfood?

We have been collaborating with Techfood for almost 30 years , there is a beautiful relationship of mutual esteem that lasts over time. I also did the demonstrator at some fairs! The reason for our meeting was precisely La Crêperie .

What are the advantages of having La Crêperie?

For the time it was completely innovative, almost science fiction! People stopped to see the rectangular crêpe, which still has its effect today. The real plus is the quality of the excellent product, it helps me to overcome the competition which is very dense in this area. I hope it never changes!

What must a successful restaurant have?

For me the basic recipe is: quality, courtesy and fair prices. The relationship with the customer plays a fundamental role, everyone here knows me by now. And finally, to ensure quality and fair prices, you need to know how to choose suppliers well.

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October 17, 2019