Did you think that ice cream and Italian gelato were the same thing in the world, but translated into different languages? That's not quite the case: there are many differences . For example, artisanal Italian ice cream is mainly made using fresh milk and fresh cream, while powdered milk and vegetable fats are generally used for the production of ice cream . Furthermore, the latter is stored as if it were frozen food and, to guarantee its shelf life, it is necessary to add preservatives.

Finally, compared to Italian ice cream, ice cream has a higher fat content, in accordance with the provisions of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations: in fact, these cannot go below 10%.

How then to export the real Italian ice cream in the world and open a successful place?
We asked Daniele Taverna, owner of Gelato Village in Leicester, England.

Why did you decide to open your own restaurant in Leicester?

Antonio De Vecchi, our master gelato maker, and I have lived here for 15 years. While aware that we are in the British province, we took up the challenge of bringing the culture of Italian ice cream to the world, more precisely to what has since become our city.

Where is Gelato Village located?

We are in the area called Old Town of Leicester, in one of the most central areas near the Cathedral. The concept of the center is different from that of Italian cities, and in reality it is no more a transit area than others. But we are known, we have made a name for ourselves and there are those who come specifically to taste our products, especially waffles and ice cream.

What do you propose?

Artisan ice cream parlor and cafeteria. We have several sessions both inside and outside and our place is popular all year round, there are no seasonal constraints and this is a big advantage.

Italian ice cream in the world

What is the specialty of the place?

Artisan ice cream, here the Italian-designed ice cream parlors do not exist and our proposal stands out from the others. We are also working a lot with waffles. It is a product that is very suitable for our offer, because it is perfect with ice cream. Combining hot and cold, it can be eaten in any season.

What are the strengths of the venue?

We have created a place with a very Italian but modern look. There are no checkered tablecloths and mandolins to be clear, but the design and the type of welcome are absolutely local and recognizable.

Why did you choose to rely on Techfood?

On the advice of another fellow ice cream maker. We were struck by the versatility of Rondò Unika , above all for the idea of ​​changing several plates in a single machine and thus being able to vary the proposal . We finally focused on the waffles, but the items on the menu could be countless.

What are the advantages of having a Techfood machine?

It turned out to be a good choice because we make so many waffles. We even bought two sets of straighteners!

What is the quality you like best about Rondò Unika?

The possibility of avoiding cooking fats allows us to have an exceptional final product. Our waffles are really popular.

Italian ice cream in the world

What must a successful restaurant have?

Don't compromise and focus on the authenticity of the product, without distorting it. In this moment of great boom, our traditional Italian ice cream allows us to distinguish ourselves from our competitors.

That of Daniele Taverna and his Gelato Village is an example of success that reconfirms how much Italian cuisine and ice cream in the world represent a certainty in sales. Would you like to open a new business or expand the offer of the one you have? With Rondò Unika and our E Bike you can literally reach new customers and propose crêpes, pancakes, churros, donuts and waffles as well as waffles.
August 29, 2019