Whether your business is by the sea, in the mountains or by a lake, cities and especially tourist bars are hotter than ever at this time of year. But what to offer to a holiday public?  We asked Enzo Sartori, owner of the Bar Spiaggia on Lake Molveno.

Does the location influence the success of the venue?

Absolutely, ours is a bar for tourists overlooking Lake Molveno , nominated by Legambiente as one of the most beautiful in Italy. We are in Trentino, surrounded by vegetation and at the foot of the Brenta Dolomites, in a real fairytale setting.

How did you decide to open your restaurant?

I bought it 8 years ago from another property, for the excellent opportunity it represented being in the strategic area of ​​the lakefront. I work there with my daughter.

What does it propose?

We have a truly extensive menu, from breakfasts to aperitifs, from unique dishes to desserts. We have chosen to focus on main courses and do not offer first courses.

What is the specialty of the Beach Bar?

Our offer of quick dishes , perfect for a bar for tourists looking for a quick but quality refreshment with a lake view. Furthermore, the artisanal ice cream shop is very popular, which we also accompany with crêpes and waffles.

Why did you choose to rely on Techfood?

My daughter met the company at the fair. We immediately thought that the different solutions proposed would be perfect for the type of restaurant we deal with.

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What are the advantages of having a Techfood machine?

We have several cars. The Combi Wave oven is of great help to us in the preparation of main courses and aperitifs. For the desserts and ice cream part, however, we have chosen the double offer Choco Burger and Choco Kebab , both of which are very popular. And we also have Rondò Unika , which with its interchangeable plates allows us to range between crepes, waffles and churros. All machines with compact dimensions, perfect for our restaurant.

What does a successful tourist bar need to have?

The location counts a lot in the success of a tourist bar, but that's not all. For example, although the holiday clientele is difficult to retain, we focus on the quality of the offer . We are careful to catch the news on the market and we try to organize evening events, tastings and other moments of sharing.
Are you also looking for innovative ideas for your tourist bar? We have a perfect proposal to expand your proposal, but not your establishment: the Choco integrated solution with which to serve double the offer in half the space.

July 25, 2019