When it comes to ice cream shops, carrying on the success of a historic business may not be as easy as it seems. In fact, it is necessary to maintain the very high quality standards, respecting tradition but knowing how to reinvent oneself according to market evolutions. We asked Marco Govi , owner of the historicGovi ​​ice cream shop , a few questions, which between a cone and a fair offers an ever new ice cream flavour.

Where is the Govi ​​Gelateria located? Does the location influence the success of the venue?

We are in Venturina Terme, in the province of Livorno. The location is excellent: we are between San Vincenzo and Follonica, just a few minutes from the sea. The thermal baths also attract many tourists
since antiquity. Being originally from here, I had no doubts about where I wanted my gelateria.

Why did you decide to open your restaurant?

This ice cream parlor has been around since 1939, and it's always worked so well that I entered into a partnership with my father to carry on his business.

What does it propose?

Homemade ice cream, popsicles of various flavors and we recently introduced Ice n Roll .

What is the specialty of your restaurant?

With Ice N Roll we offer particular flavors such as mojito or alcoholic pistachio , using pistachio liqueur. We can create a special ice cream flavor depending on the occasion, such as Fior di articiofo : a fior di latte with the addition of caramelized artichokes that we proposed during a local festival. Naturally, with Ice n Roll we also create other more classic flavours, in line with the offer of the ice cream shop.

What are the strengths of the venue?

Definitely our natural and light ice cream . And then the price , which we want to keep popular: a cone costs €1.50. Ice N Roll has a very low food cost , and allows us to respect our price list without distorting it.

Why did you choose to rely on Techfood?

I met a guy in Fuerteventura who used Ice N Roll. He was so satisfied with the machine that, back in Italy, I contacted an agent and immediately added it to the gelateria. Our family likes innovative ideas . My father, for example, started taking his ice cream around the beaches first with a pedal cart, then with a Lambretta and an Apecar. For the children he had become a sort of Santa Claus.

What are the advantages of having a Techfood machine?

It allows us to be imaginative in innovating our tradition, and to reach new segments of the public, even physically .

What is the quality you like best about the car?

I only go to catering and fairs with Ice N Roll. It takes up little space and allows me to cream the ice cream instantly , in front of the eyes of the participants, who appreciate the show but above all the taste of the ice cream.

What must a successful restaurant have?

Definitely smiling and passionate staff , but the fundamentals are the excellent quality to offer at a fair price . Let's not forget that ice cream is every child's dream, and a large family must be able to guarantee it to everyone!
Ice N Roll has contributed to consolidating the fame of a historic ice cream parlor like Govi's, combining quality, innovation and an excellent food cost. Perfect both as a space-saving counter solution , you can also offer it in a street food version combined with our e-bike.
May 30, 2019