From gourmet sandwiches to croutons inspired by Tuscan cuisine : this is the proposal of BirraGourmet , Lorenzo Mazzarini's place that combines tradition and innovation. As? Choosing local raw materials and using Combi Wave's ultra-fast cooking .

The restaurant is located in Borgo San Lorenzo, in the province of Florence and in the cradle of Mugello. Tuscan culture lives in Lorenzo's dishes, who does not give up on local suppliers to get quality ingredients . We interviewed him to find out how he combines tradition and innovation to make each gourmet sandwich.

What does the venue offer?

The BirraGourmet is a brewery. We have 7 taps dedicated to Italian and foreign craft beer, to be served with hamburgers, croutons and fried foods. We also offer cocktails and distillates prepared with excellent quality products. We work with raw materials from the area, the classic dishes such as burgers and croutons are made with selected local ingredients.

Have you revisited some traditional recipes?

Yes, we don't just offer the classic hamburger. For example, on the menu we have a gourmet sandwich with artisan pork sausage, caramelized onion, DOP pecorino cheese and mustard; or a crouton with lamprey. Cured meats and cold cuts are all from the area, as is the meat chosen for our dishes.

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Do you use Combi Wave for preparation?

Exactly, now we use Combi Wave for almost all the preparations on the menu. Before we had a Combi Masterchef.

What is the most striking feature of Combi Wave?

First of all speed: compared to Combi Masterchef , with Combi Wave it is possible to do more things and in less time. And then it is extremely versatile, because with just one machine it is possible to do almost everything in the kitchen.

Why did you choose Techfood?

I have been working with Techfood machines for 15 years. When I took over the business there was the first Patatwist. From that we moved on to the Combi Masterchef, up to the Combi Wave which is the best solution for our restaurant in terms of rhythms and range.

brewery table with gourmet sandwich, beer and french fries

How did you decide to open a restaurant?

Passion drove me. I used to do anything else in my life, 15 years ago I bought an existing place and over the years I've transformed it into a gourmet brewery.

What are the key factors for the success of a club?

Surely the choice of products is the main aspect. In the long run, quality always pays off, even if from an economic point of view there is a relatively smaller profit margin. Another important factor is the differentiation compared to other establishments, which for us means working with small suppliers who almost exclusively give products.

Beer Gourmet is the result of the union between technological innovation and culinary tradition. An example for all the breweries that want to find a starting point to differentiate themselves from the competition, always aiming for the quality of the products and the service. The solutions from the Combi line will help you in the kitchen, find out which of the three is ideal for your business .

May 03, 2019
Tags: birreria pub