In choosing the pastry equipment Giada Aresta and Matteo Miccolis wanted to break the mold and get on the road. Owners of Budina Pasticcina , Giada and Matteo have expanded the offer and moved their business to the more touristic area of ​​Monopoli. As? They relied on the Street Food E-Bike , the mobile station for street food.

Their story is an example of an excellent sales strategy, as confirmed by the Italian Excellence plaque received in 2019. Find out how Giada and Matteo have combined the e-bike to increase their success.

What does the venue offer?

As the name suggests, Budina Pasticcina is pure pastry. We don't have a bar area, we aim for a defined offer that includes all confectionery products such as pastries, cakes, desserts such as panettone colombe and chocolates.

Where is the venue located?

The pastry shop is located in a slightly secluded spot with respect to the center of Monopoli. It is a very busy area, but not in the historic center where there is usually more tourism. For this we have opted for a mobile station with Street Food E-Bike .

What are the advantages of Street Food E-Bike?

Surely the reason why we chose to buy it among all the pastry equipment, that is the possibility of moving to a part of the city with more tourism and affluence than the pastry area. There is much more passage and above all we can look out to a varied public, from the village boy to the foreign tourist.

Do you always take the same itinerary?

As far as street food in the city is concerned, the point of the corner is more or less always the same, even if this year we will probably change places because the area is undergoing maintenance. Then we also take the Street Food E-Bike to weddings and private parties, as catering. This formula is very popular, the bicycle that offers ice cream attracts people a lot.

You paired the Street Food E-Bike with Ice N Roll, right?

Yes exactly. We have chosen to offer ice cream in a new form to differentiate ourselves from the others because it is anything but traditional. It was a courageous choice, nearby we have those who offer granitas or classic ice cream.

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What are your favorite features of Ice N Roll?

The nice thing about Ice N Roll is the possibility to show the customer the ingredients of the ice cream and its preparation. It is also a way to show the freshness of raw materials, a guarantee that reassures and fascinates the public.

Have you created any special flavors with Ice N Roll?

Yes, we offer an Ice N Roll with figs, toasted almonds and chocolate, a taste that conquers many tourists. We take advantage of the possibility of creating infinite flavors to use local products, such as the almond cake to be combined with fresh strawberries, pistachios and hazelnuts. We leave baskets of fresh fruit on the counter, people choose the ingredient they want and I prepare the ice cream upon request. The flavors that go the most are those with chocolate: Oreo, Nutella and Kinder.

Are there any other creative ideas for the future?

We will develop more alcohol flavors under your suggestion this year. For now we offer spritzes and mojitos, but we want to deepen the proposal above all to bring it to private events. We are organizing an evening with a restaurant in which to combine Ice N Roll in a savory version with gourmet or raw dishes.

You have received the Eccellenze Italiane plate. How does it feel?

We are very happy, we didn't expect it because we have been open for just over a year and a half. It is a very nice recognition , which gives us the impetus to go forward and always choose the best raw materials.

What must a restaurant have to be successful?

Quality raw materials and determination. The latter is essential because it is not easy for a pastry shop to make its offer known. It's a slower process because it's not a mass venue like a bar might be. And it is a path with choices, also linked to price, which are often not immediately understood by customers. You need to have determination in following your own choices, because if you let yourself be discouraged, you risk becoming like many others.

Ovens and pastry bags are just some of the equipment for pastry shops. Just as happened to Giada and Matteo of Budina Pasticcina, your business can also take new directions. Are you ready to ride them with the Street Food E-Bike? Discover all its potential .

April 03, 2019