Just over a month away from the national appointment for the world of franchising. On November 3rd, the new edition of the Milan Franchising Exhibition opens, an opportunity to learn about the new Techfood business solutions. In fact, during the dedicated weekend Pic Nic will be presented, the totally turnkey corner shop.

Pic Nic is a small place that is not expensive in terms of expense and occupied space, it allows you to create a corner of good taste in any context thanks to its versatility. Among the innovations offered by Pic Nic, the turnkey formula stands out, which allows you to have a business already started at the time of purchase without the customer requesting royalties or fees.

Thanks to the relationship of trust consolidated over the years, Techfood starts collaborating with its suppliers, including Barilla, Cremonini with the Spanino line and Rispo for fried products without oil. An excellent solution for those who want to open a restaurant in complete autonomy and simplicity, ideal for those entering the world of catering for the first time and for those who want to expand their business in a short time, with little space and with low investments.

At the Franchising Show you will be able to discover the Pic Nic proposal which ranges from sweet to savoury, thanks to Rondò Unika , Combi Wave and Pastaland , the innovative machines included in the package. From the preparation of crêpes and waffles to frying fish and chips without oil, passing through first courses, pizzas and sandwiches. Pic Nic allows you to have a wide offer in a small space thanks to the Techfood machines specifically designed to be positioned in all environments.

Rondo Unika

Rondò Unika allows you to prepare all kinds of delicacies with just one machine. Thanks to the five plates it comes with, you can cook crêpes, waffles, churros, donuts, cones, waffles, pancakes and much more. The patented Easy Click system allows you to alternate the hot plates in a few seconds, optimizing times and always offering new delicacies.

Combi Wave
Combi Wave is the countertop and kitchen multifunction oven that prepares a wide range of dishes in short times, with low consumption and taking up little space. Thanks to the integrated turbo-ventilation, infrared and microwave system, the functions of the oven are endless. You can cook, heat, defrost, toast, grill, temper, temper, fry without oil and boil any food. It only takes 90 seconds to make a burger with oilless fries.

Also present at the Franchising Exhibition is Pastaland, the latest generation pasta cooker for cooking and defrosting pasta and single-serving sauces. It allows you to diversify cooking times according to the dishes to be prepared and according to the type of dry, pre-cooked, fresh, frozen pasta, checking the portions dispensed of pasta and sauces. It is the ideal solution for places that want to cook in a short time, without compromising taste and quality

The Franchising Fair is the professional distribution fair that promotes meetings between franchisors, franchisees and potential franchisees. An unmissable event for those who look to the future and want to open a business encouraged by the most modern and up-to-date solutions. A special occasion to get to know the Techfood world and the passion that drives the company to create excellent services designed to satisfy every need. From the need for a machine that requires little space to cooking in a short time, Techfood always takes the side of those who live in the ho.re.ca sector. not as a customer, but as a protagonist.

You can find us at stand D18, for information on tickets write to info@techfood.it

September 29, 2016