Opening a restaurant in the center has many advantages: it will be clearly visible, in a transit area, probably frequented without too many seasonal constraints. But there is a reverse side of the coin: the very dense competition , from which it is necessary to defend oneself with an original bar menu. We talked about it with Salvatore of the Battaglia Milano bakery bar.

Where is your bar located? Does the location influence its success?

The Battaglia Milano is located in Corso Venezia: even those who don't know the city well will surely have heard of this very central street, which connects Piazza San Babila with Porta Venezia. It delimits one of the "sides" of the area known as the fashion district.
In short, we are talking about a very popular area, which helps us to make ourselves known.

How and when did you decide to embark on this adventure?

Ours is a recent opening, we've been here since the end of October.
We come from a completely different sector, that of textiles, and this represents a wonderful challenge for us as well as an investment.

What do you propose?

Ours is mainly a daytime offer, which starts with breakfast and continues with brunch, quick lunches, snacks and aperitifs.

What is the specialty of your restaurant?

We try to create an offer that distinguishes us from the other bars in the area, taking care of proposals for particular sandwiches and original combinations with crêpes . We could almost say gourmet!

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How did you hear about Techfood?

We have seen Combi Wave on your site and it seemed to us the indispensable ally for creating the right menu for bars.
During the meeting with your representative we also got to know other equipment that we then decided to integrate, such as the Rondò Unika plate and the Bubble Waffle .

What advantages have Techfood machines brought you?

The possibility of making different types of cooking and preparations for all times of the day, without the need for a flue.
We also greatly appreciated the possibility of being able to have a demonstration with one of your chefs, we are making an appointment in these days to understand how to make the most of the potential of the machines.

What must a successful restaurant have?

Surely the right equipment can change workflows a lot. But for us it is essential to find competent personnel , because many work in the restaurant industry without passion, as a temporary job.

Focusing on an attractive bar menu is certainly a winning strategy to become a point of reference in the busiest areas.
But if you want to impress your customers, why not propose a hamburger or a chocolate kebab? With  Choco both prepared with one machine.
December 19, 2019