At the beginning of January we launched the Chef da Counter challenge to enhance those behind the counter who have creativity to sell even in the kitchen. In a few weeks we have collected many recipes for dishes for bars, proposed by bartenders and horeca operators from all over Italy. On Monday 20 January, chef Simone Rugiati , guest of honor at the Techfood stand at Sigep 2020, proclaimed the winning recipe , curious to find out what it is?

The recipe for real counter chefs

Shrimps and courgettes my way is the recipe by Anna Grazzini , winner of the first edition of the challenge Chef da Counter. A dish that impressed the Techfood staff and chef Simone Rugiati because it offers a new and interesting perspective on the classic combination of zucchini and prawns.
In fact, courgettes are proposed as vegetable spaghetti, which in addition to being very spectacular, are easy to make and represent a healthy and light alternative for a lunch break at the bar. Furthermore, zucchini spaghetti is a valid solution for proposing gluten-free, tasty and refined dishes for bars. The other winning point is the choice to use exotic spices and flavours, such as curry and soy sauce, combined with more Mediterranean flavours, such as chopped pistachios and lemon peel.
Shrimps and courgettes my way is a simple and quick proposal to prepare , fundamental aspects for bars and cold tables, but which aims at the search for original flavors and is gluten free . It also easily adapts to cooking with ovens of the Combi line, an essential element in decreeing the winning dish of the challenge. In fact, the recipe will be studied by the Techfood chefs and inserted in the Combi Wave and Combi Wave Smart electronic cookbooks.


fresh prawns;
Rice flour;
Lemon peel;
Pistachio grain;
Soy sauce;
Garlic and parsley;

The Counter Chef

The mind behind the recipe Shrimps and zucchini my way is Anna Grazzini, chef and owner of the Pizzeria Al Borgo in Lucca . His bar dishes are filled with the highest quality ingredients; offered in gourmet, vegan and gluten-free versions; and even paired with a glass of wine. It's no surprise that such a multifaceted chef came up with the winning recipe. A Techfood surprise awaits her for her!

Combi, the assistant chef even in small kitchens

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