Italians are the first consumers of ice cream in Europe, but the effects of the lockdown and the unknown factor on tourism weigh on the profit of an ice cream parlor . A turnover that is worth 4.2 billion euros and employs 74,000 workers according to Fipe, which states that
«the consumption of ice cream by residents is growing, but not to the point of offsetting the decline due to foreigners». We wondered how to raise takings by focusing on the Italian public , here is our reflection.

Multiply the offer, cancel the seasonal constraint

The managers of ice cream parlors and yogurt shops know how important the period from April to October is for takings. The first months of 2020 were marked by forced closure and home delivery, which for many involved too expensive costs. And if it has been possible to resume on-site retail since May, now is the time to study a strategy that:
  • raise the profit of an ice cream parlor compared to the last few months;
  • make the offer broad and differentiated;
  • is also applicable in low season.
On the last point, some of you may turn up your nose, but never like this year will ice cream parlors have to free themselves from seasonality . The lockdown has reduced the chances of sales at the beginning of the high season, however all is not lost when considering the potential sales in late autumn and winter. How then to solve the need for a single solution that offers a varied menu, also suitable for the cold months and with a low food cost ?
The answer is Rondò Unika, a Techfood machine equipped with 6 interchangeable plates for serving crêpes, pancakes, waffles, churros, donuts and waffles. You can study a proposal combined with the same ice cream or propose them as desserts for walking, perhaps aiming for a special discount for a segment of the public that would certainly buy the product. The food cost of each single preparation does not exceed €0.39 and guarantees an assured return even if sold individually.

Here's what some ice cream makers who have tried it think:
Di Rondò Unika we were struck by the speed in the preparation of cones and crêpes . It allows an ice cream parlor to expand its offer in a short time and to prepare waffle cones on the spot. It gives an artisanal idea to ice cream, perfectly in line with our ice cream shop. Leonardo Mencio, The Ice Cream Cone
I really like its versatility. Thanks to the interchangeable plates, Rondò Unika is very useful for covering the different moments of the day. It's also perfect for the winter season, because I can offer a hot alternative to ice cream . I mainly use it for crêpes, both sweet and savory, but I'm combining waffles with gourmet ice cream. The feedback is so positive that it is now one of our strong points. Maria Grazia Fuzio, Creami 

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Focus on online trends to build audience loyalty

According to the Supernova Hub Study Center, the retail trade will increasingly have to focus on a strong online presence. In fact, with the lockdown and alternative solutions to direct sales, trust in social media has finally grown . These channels are not only used to communicate menus, timetables and useful information, but are very important for:
  • create a fan base linked to the club and retain it;
  • be inspired by current trends and propose them for an updated offer.
We also talked about it at the beginning of the year : among the entrepreneurial ideas, a place of honor goes toBubble Waffle , which with over 279,000 Instaram posts tagged #BubbleWaffle is one of the trends of the moment so loved by young people. A strategic product to increase the income of an ice cream parlor aimed at adolescents and pre-adolescents . And it is precisely for this audience that you can indulge yourself in Tik Tok videos, creating an official hashtag and inviting customers to tag the venue. How @bubblewafflesro profile does: Follow us on INSTAGRAM: @bubblewafflesro ##bubblewaffles ##bubblewaffleshopp##wafflehouse ##getwaffled ##waffle ##foryou
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And if the appearance of Bubble Waffle intrigues the public, its food cost attracts ice cream parlor and yogurt shop managers looking for immediately profitable business ideas: the cost of a portion starts at €0.40 and with the purchase of themachine receive 40 kg of preparation .
Rondò Unika and Bubble Waffle are just two solutions to increase the profit of an ice cream shop or a yogurt shop. You've already heard of Choco Burger, but perhaps you haven't yet read the testimony of Anna Fulco, owner of YoLove who paired Choco Burger and Rondò Unika with frozen yogurt .
June 25, 2020