Techfood celebrates 30 years of activity this year: founded in Castelnovo di Sotto (RE) in 1992 by Angelo Iori with his wife Paola Castagnetti , today it is run by their children Beatrice, general manager, Sofia, purchasing manager and Gabriele, marketing manager.
With more than 50 versions of machines produced , over 40 national, European and international patents and more than 35 registered trademarks , Techfood has been a sure reference for a long time for those who ask for innovative ideas for the horeca.
Gabriele recently told the story of the company to Bargiornale , the reference publication in the bar world.
«Our journey began when my father, who worked in the sector, decided to set up on his own: the first appliance produced was La Crêperie , a professional machine for preparing, cooking and garnishing rectangular-shaped crêpes. Three years later it was the turn of Patatwist , which allowed frying without oil. It is interesting that these machines, suitably modified and innovated, are still in our catalog today».


As for the innovations, Gabriele assures, they will still be numerous and developed with the innovative 4.0 technology , which offers important economic advantages and simplifies work and the supplier-barista relationship.

What advantages does a 4.0 machine for soluble products offer?

With the Pausa line we have created a young, modern brand , with a range suitable for every moment and type of customer. The Ginny4.0 dispenser for instant drinks is a friend of the barista and the supplier: the former can purchase directly from the app and knows that the machine is continuously monitored, so any problem is immediately reported, avoiding malfunctions or blockages of the dispensing system. The supplier receives the customer's alert in real time by activating the delivery of the product, has a clear sales situation via the app, and can also interact with the machines, regulating the boiler temperature and personalizing the recipes of each point of sale. Without forgetting the tax breaks on 4.0 machinery.


Which consumption occasions do you perceive as more vital at the bar? 

In the last 2 years, breakfast has maintained a good part of its sales; we have dedicated the Squeezita dispensers to it , with which to make the customer's favorite filling at any time of the morning. We notice signs of recovery for lunch, aperitif and dinner: after so much "closure", Italians want to live away from home and are looking for quality products; they are also attentive to sustainability. The operator has understood this and we help him to best satisfy every request.

Is being a machine builder a strong point?

To make good appliances, you need to combine versatility, dynamism and flexibility : this allows us to satisfy customers such as Ferrero, Nestlé, Caffarel , chains and baristas. Each new request involves a considerable commitment to research and creativity, which allows us to offer the market new and functional solutions. At Sigep 2022 we presented the Pausa line, which was preceded last October at Host by Steamì , a compact appliance (only 25 cm in size) equipped with a steam wand for cooking products in cups (pasta, scrambled eggs , risottos, polenta, soups and much more) with recipes that do not exceed one minute and a half. In this way, the venue can serve customers who ask for a cup on the go or who are seated at a table quickly and without waste.
30 years therefore of innovation, experimentation, passion, effort but above all experience .
Best wishes Techfood , may the next decade lead us towards new splendid goals.