There are not many baby-friendly establishments, i.e. equipped to accommodate children in the best possible way, in Italy. This type of establishment, in fact, is more widespread in northern Europe, where most of the restaurateurs have an eye for welcoming the whole family.
But is it really worth opening a restaurant strongly oriented towards children and younger teenagers?
This aspect is often underestimated, but the parents' choices on which place to go are strongly influenced by their children's preferences; if the latter are not at ease in your establishment, the mums and dads will hardly come back.
In addition to this, children tend to be loyal customers and, if they like our place, they could be our customers for about ten years and choose us to organize birthdays and parties.
For many establishments, intercepting a target of children/teens, but even more intercepting their parents can be an excellent choice. So let's see some ideas to make our bar or restaurant perfectly baby friendly.

The decor.

Small and colorful cutlery for children, wooden high chairs , paper bibs, resistant plates and glasses are the elements you cannot do without to welcome your little guests. Even the decorations , although purely aesthetic, are often appreciated by children: so make way for banners, colorful and joyful prints on the walls and balloons. If possible, then, families should have larger tables than the actual number of diners. If there are four of them, a table for six should be reserved for them so that the children can have space to color or play.

Baby-friendly place

Play area.

The ideal would be to provide a corner for children, such as a playroom, a play area or a park, equipped with all the games that your means allow. This will give parents a good reason to return to your restaurant.
Alternatively, you could make available to the smallest objects for entertainment: felt-tip pens and colored pencils, educational books, toys and much more.
If there is no space to dedicate exclusively to children, a nice idea could be to make illustrated paper placemats ; young guests will thus be able to have fun coloring them during their stay.

Baby-friendly place

The menu.

Let's face it, the first thing to think about if you want to transform your restaurant is the gastronomic proposal . In fact, in addition to satisfying parents, restaurants suitable for children must focus on an attractive menu , starting from the graphics. It is now a fact that chromatic perception influences the choices made by the brain: therefore, to whet your appetite you can play with fonts and colours.
Never offer only fries and pizza. You can compose healthy and balanced children's menus , dishes with varied ingredients and presented in an original way.
Playing with your imagination, you can make even foods little loved by children appetizing. Free space, therefore, for creativity with vegetable meatballs and chickpea fritters , potato croquettes transformed into nice smileys and imaginative compositions of various types.
Particular attention should be paid to quantity. Waste can be avoided by proposing smaller portions , a precaution that also affects the wallet of the manager and parents.
In any case, to seduce the taste buds of the little ones and get them to ask to come back to your restaurant , offer delicious desserts specially created for them. Ice N Roll or Rondò Unika can be the ideal solution, allowing you to prepare unique desserts and original ice creams in a small space and in a very short time. Guaranteed conquest of the whole family.
The most important element remains, as in any case, the welcome you will reserve for your guests. Only with joy and a big smile can you really increase turnover and make children and parents feel at home.