It is well known to all how managers and business owners have recently found themselves grappling with very high bills. With the new tariffs, an increase in the electricity bill has been estimated from 7.4 billion euros in 2021 to 13.9 in 2022.
Not to mention that of gas which, with a total consumption of 5 billion cubic metres, could grow from 3.9 billion euros in 2021 to 6 billion in 2022.
So how to do? By working on several fronts it is possible to save money and, at the same time, be good for the environment.

Reduce waste.

Do lights and air conditioning stay on when not in use? In this case the remedy is very simple.
Another option with an immediate solution is to adjust the systems , which are often not optimized; we can verify that it doesn't feel too hot in winter and cold in summer, that the lights are equipped with presence sensors and that the refrigerated cabinets are maintained correctly.
In general, maintenance should not be neglected. Cleaning the heat exchangers, for example, and re-insulating the pipes can help.

Review of supply contracts.

As in the case of telephony, staying fixed with a supplier and a type of contract hardly pays off.
The main choice is between fixed price and indexed price contracts .
In both cases you can gain or lose depending on the market trend; in general, opting for a fixed price has the advantage of guaranteeing spending for the period of validity of the conditions.

Finding the right allies.

The world of bar management is full of challenges: juggling competition, cost items and new market trends requires strategy and versatility .
You will need the right ally to limit expenses and waste.
Therefore, to reduce bar management costs, it is advisable to focus on equipment that is:
versatile , to optimize the investment by multiplying the offer with a single machine;
– fast, to reduce consumption and prepare food on demand without leftovers;
– space-saving and without the need for a flue , to be positioned even in small or poorly equipped rooms;
easy to use, to reduce the personnel needed;
– obviously with low energy consumption , so as not to burden the budget and the environment.
We'll let you in on a secret: there is a food machine that combines all these advantages.


Combi Wave is the countertop and kitchen oven with an intelligent cooking system that combines turbo-ventilation, infrared and microwaves, allowing you to save up to 70% compared to traditional technology .
It allows you to cook, heat, defrost, boil, toast, grill and fry any food without oil.
It is also available in a smaller version, Combi Wave Smart , suitable for small bars.
Preparation times are very fast, it is very simple to use and thanks to the integrated recipe book you can offer appetizers, first and second courses, desserts and appetizers at any time of the day.
Combi Wave is specifically designed to minimize energy consumption and can also cook in stand-by mode. To save money without sacrificing taste , ask us for information .