Energy saving in catering and the fight against food waste translate into environmental and economic sustainability thanks to technology and valid services.

We will see how to reduce consumption and waste, on the one hand it allows us to protect the environment and on the other to favor the profit of bars and restaurants.

Technology and energy saving: solutions for catering

Energy saving in catering is an essential tool to counter the high bills and for the environmental sustainability of the activities.
Actions such as turning off the lights when they are not needed, frequently defrosting the refrigerators, putting the lid on the pots when boiling water, turning off and not leaving electronic devices on stand-by, although valid always and for everyone, are just some of the possible possibilities.
The substantial difference in the consumption of catering activities is made by the technological equipment used for the preparation of the food.
Food machines that allow cooking on demand are, in fact, precious allies for the restaurateur who intends to offer his customers the best service at the lowest cost .
With the multipurpose and multifunction oven Combi Wave , for example, cooking times are very fast - just think that it can fry without oil in less than 90 seconds - just as with the Steamì steam machine it is possible to cook a variety of products and within seconds .

Combi Wave also replaces the classic oven, kettle, frytop and fryer - it will no longer be necessary to dispose of used oil - it saves space in the kitchen and cuts electricity bills by 70% .

By equipping themselves with the best technology, bars and restaurants can thus respond in the most efficient way to customer requests.
But containing consumption is not the only useful way towards saving energy in catering and respecting the environment.

Target Zero Inventories in 2022

Cutting down on food waste is an increasingly urgent need.
Food waste is a particularly widespread practice in Italy and the 2021 data show that the phenomenon is unfortunately growing. And it is no longer limited to the final consumer alone, but pre-consumer waste is relevant, the food waste that forms before sale.

Our country, with its 270 tons of wasted food, is the worst European state in the last twenty years.
It is estimated that in the last year food waste has grown by 15% and that waste in distribution corresponds to 9% of the total, for a value of over 1 billion euros.
A greater attention of bars and restaurants to the production, first, and to the disposal of unsold food, later, can translate into cost savings and an increase in revenue, as well as a concrete contribution to environmental sustainability.
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