Quick meals ride the Hawaiian food trend: the Poke Bowl

Cooking the rice for Poke
is the first step in preparing a Bowl . Completed in the easiest and fastest way – we will see how – this phase, you can free your imagination, inspired by the colors of the Hawaiian islands, and complete the dish with the sauce .
The result that you bring to the table will be a pleasure for those who consume it and an all-round satisfaction for those who prepare it, let's see why.
bowl with steamed rice

Poke Bowl: 3 reasons why it deserves space on the menu

The Poke Bowl , today, has all the requisites to enrich your restaurant's menu with taste and convenience.

The first reason is given by the question. The poke bowl, in fact, is one of the most popular dishes of the moment, thus resulting in one of the most influential trends of recent years in the kitchen.
It is estimated that the poke bar sector, which reached a market value of 1.74 billion dollars in 2020, could reach 2.9 billion in 2024, growing at a CAGR of 14%.

The consumption of Poke also has a double relevance: it is an excellent solution both for consumption on the spot and for take-away or home delivery. Thanks to its practicality, it is today among the most ordered dishes in delivery .

Last but not least reason is the ease of preparation for the restaurateur. In fact, cooking rice for Poke is so fast that it can be made on demand , thanks to a machine with a steam wand like Steamì . Cooking when necessary allows, on the one hand, the reduction of waste; on the other, the possibility of bringing a bowl to the table that is always fresh starting from the base, the rice.

poke bowl with salmon and mixed vegetables

Poke, a marvel for those who taste it and for those who make it

Cooking poke rice to perfection is essential, but it won't be the only requirement to impress your customers. The originality of the menu and the variations you will have will play an important role.
If in itself a Poke, also referred to as a Sushi Bowl, it is expected to be topped with chunks of fresh raw fish; in fact it is modular at will by mixing vegetables of various kinds with sauces, condiments, seeds, dried and fresh fruit.

It is therefore potentially made suitable for a vegan or gluten-free diet, a "light" version with a low calorie or protein content for sportsmen.
Thus meeting not only the tastes, but also the needs of many.
Thus, if the trend is the express meal, the answer of the technologically ready kitchen is on demand. Request more information on Steamì .