The 2022 catering trends look promising. The new horeca year has necessary and advantageous developments in store for restaurateurs . The menus that we will see in two substantial aspects, sustainability and opportunities, and the kitchens that must adapt the response to new internal needs and beyond will be the subject of great attention.
Let's take a closer look at what the 2022 catering trends will be and how to equip yourself to reap the greatest benefits.

Menu: 2 new definitions

The new horeca year will be characterized by 2 main trends that see restaurant and bar menus as protagonists. Trends that restaurateurs are already touching in recent months, but which will gradually consolidate: the definition of 'zero waste menu' and structured solutions for delivery . Let's see them in detail.

Zero environmental impact menu

In 2022, redefining a sustainable menu will be a necessary choice, as well as a source of pride. There are two factors that contribute to determining this choice: the increasingly shorter supply chain and the great attention to waste .
On the one hand, the selection of km0 ingredients responds to the renewed tastes of consumers and facilitates logistics, reducing the distance between producers and chefs; on the other hand, environmental sustainability is reflected in an economic advantage for catering activities because to limit waste the warehouse is managed with smaller and more frequent orders and this allows the shelf life of the products to be kept under strict control .
Reduction of waste facilitated by the possibility of cooking food following an order that has already been placed thanks to technologies such as the one with which the Combi Wave oven is equipped , for example.
fresh vegetables at the supermarket counter, organic vegetables among the 2022 catering trend

Stable and independent delivery menus.

For many restaurants, the "contingency" of the take-away menu has proved to be an opportunity, so much so that it has become a key element of the offer. In fact, many restaurateurs are equipping themselves with an adequate production technology for cooking food quickly, so as to offer an ad hoc menu for delivery and respond to a new profitable demand.
man with mask and delivery, home delivery among the 2022 catering trends

The digitization of kitchens, a must

From 2020 to today, investments for the introduction of technological tools in restaurant activities are experiencing considerable growth. We therefore expect that 2022 will be the year of the technological breakthrough for chefs and their kitchens.
The digitization process of catering activities , if on the one hand, is facilitated by the 50% tax credit for the purchase of new capital goods and 4.0 technology, i.e. highly intelligent ones such as our Ginny for instant drinks ; on the other hand, it proves to be indispensable for responding to the best management of the personnel employed.

Advanced technological equipment , such as the Combi Wave oven and the Steamì steam wand which are intuitive machines, easy to disassemble and sanitize and equipped with start-stop technology, in fact, simplify the production process, speeding up the work of the operators and thus allowing restaurateurs to respond to staff reductions.
The new year is upon us with encouraging 2022 catering trends, getting the best results from it is a right for restaurateurs. Welcome 2022 with the best technological resolutions .
January 12, 2022