Have you ever considered building customer loyalty by email marketing for restaurants ? If once e-mail was very confined to the fixed connection of the computer, with the growing use of the smartphone, access to e-mails is simpler and faster. This phenomenon has transformed an old communication channel into a tool with new potential to reach your customers, even at no cost .

Before email marketing there is email booking

Email marketing strategies for catering will certainly help you strengthen relations with the public still feeling the effects of the pandemic, but even before that they will facilitate online booking by making it more orderly than email messages on social networks.
In fact, many restaurant businesses rely on Facebook as the only channel of presence in the digital world, thinking it is sufficient to reserve tables via direct message. But it must be considered that often some messages end up in spam or are read inattentively at other times outside work.

Resume conversation with previous booker

Then, with the contacts collected from the bookings, you can start structuring mailing lists and activate the process of interacting with customers. As a first step, you could ask for feedback on the experience , perhaps with a fee that rewards the review as a discount with a minimum purchase or to be reserved on specific days of the week.
Comments and opinions also become useful material for creating posts on social networks with the aim of increasing the reputation of the business and its services .

Segment your contact list and personalize your message

After collecting and managing the first contacts, it is useful to organize the addresses according to needs, habits and preferences . For example, if during the booking you ask customers to specify certain food intolerances and sensitivities , you can already structure a personal communication with your free from menus .
Remember that the better the segmentation, the more efficient your restaurant email marketing efforts are.

Communicate special offers to those on the list

One of the simplest and most recurrent uses of email marketing is the sending of offers and promotions to keep contact with the public active and alive . This activity will allow you to make the relationship with trusted customers feel more special.
Reserved discounts, but not only. You could also communicate in advance only to those in the contact list of the news, so that they are the first to know and try the experience. Some examples of content to convey in this sense are:
▪️ a new dish included on the menu;
▪️ a themed evening;
▪️ the revelation of little secrets in the kitchen to "replicate" your dishes at home;
▪️ information on the use of safety devices by employees.
An effective means of communication to convey promotional initiatives and information transversally to your customers, email marketing for restaurants strengthens the impact of your restaurant's communication, making it even more effective and empathetic. Almost like the one behind the counter. Discover more steps towards the foodservice of the future with our focus on dark kitchens .
December 09, 2021