In this fourth quarter of 2021, the owners of bars and restaurants have, among others, a new goal: to contain the price increases on utility supplies as much as possible .

The announced increases include 40% more electricity bills and 31% more gas bills . To limit spending, horeca operators can use funds, reconsider the current tariff for the supply of utilities and take advantage of technology. Let's look at the measures mentioned individually.

1. Choose the free market

The first step to take to curb bill increases is evaluating new tariffs for the supply of energy. This can prove to be an opportunity to limit increases on the bills of restaurateurs. The free market , in particular, offers companies the opportunity to save on both electricity and gas bills. With the transition to the free market, the entrepreneur has the possibility to select the most advantageous contractual conditions for his needs.

2. Leverage funds and tax credits for capital goods 4.0

The second step, on the other hand, is to evaluate an investment in the future by taking advantage of the funds and credits for the country's green transition.
As announced by the Minister of Ecological Transition, the government intends to partially use the proceeds from the ETS auctions to lower the system charges on the bill. The measure has already been used in the third quarter. The reduction in system charges, albeit temporary, can partially offset the increase in the energy component on the bill.
Furthermore, the Government has also confirmed the Industry 4.0 plan, which has become Transition 4.0. Starting from 1 January 2022, the rates of the tax credit recognized for investments in tangible capital goods are confirmed and, in detail, the tax credit is equal to:
  • 40 percent up to 2.5 million euros of investment;
  • 20 percent from 2.5 to 10 million euros;
  • 10 percent from 10 to 20 million euros.
The 2022 Budget Law extends the subsidy until the end of 2025, with the possibility of completing the investment by 30 June 2026 in the event of acceptance of the order and payment of advances of at least 20 percent within the year.

The 4.0 technologies also include Ginny 4.0 , the new Techfood machine for instant drinks that goes beyond the classic dispensing system. In fact, it connects to the phone via an app from which it is possible to manage the quantity of product dispensed, limiting waste or personalizing the recipe, and, being a 4.0 technology, it is part of the equipment recognized by the capital goods tax credit, which can be combined with the South bonus where provided.

3. Use low-impact technologies

With the support of funds and credits, it is possible to identify some technological solutions with low energy impact. It is an investment with immediate and concrete benefits even in the long term. Especially for tools, for example, such as the oven which often stays on for most of the day in a bar or restaurant.

Techfood responds to this need with Combi Wave and Combi Wave Smart . In fact, multifunction countertop ovens heat up in a short time and cook 20 times faster than other instruments, guaranteeing excellent quality and efficient results in terms of energy impact.
Thanks to Combi Wave and Combi Wave Smart , therefore, you will cover the service at all times of the day and limit bill costs all year round. Contact us to find out more .
November 04, 2021