Valentine's Day is approaching and, like every year, lovers are on the hunt for special, exclusive and unforgettable experiences . We have thought of some ideas for a bar to exploit the potential of this anniversary, summarized in three key words based on fantasy and romance.

Gluttony sins

Love, passion, exaltation of the five senses: taste is something that goes hand in hand with relationships. Synonymous with intimacy, conviviality, sharing a unique sensory experience, flavor makes Valentine's Day a perfect occasion to tempt your customers in love. As? Offer original and delicious ideas to celebrate this anniversary in the most creative way possible: if you know how to stand out from the crowd and offer something different while maintaining your style, you will transform the day into an unforgettable moment for your customers and your business.
Entice couples in love with romantic menus , adding exotic or aphrodisiac courses. Offer a tasting of appetizers and an encore of first courses, perhaps with a fish-based option, which always gives that extra touch of refinement and refinement. Then close with a flourish with a dessert dedicated to love . There are countless ideas for a bar, but we suggest you prepare crêpes and pancakes with Rondò Unika , cut them into a heart shape with the help of special molds and serve with a chocolate and raspberry cream. Alternatively, you can also dye the dough red with natural food coloring, and make wafers to reproduce the famousRed Velvet Cake in crêpe format.
A romantic dinner cannot be defined as such without a good accompanying wine, but even a sophisticated cocktail is excellent for continuing the celebrations during the evening. Ask your barmen to invent a special drink for the occasion , perhaps in two variations for an aperitif and after dinner. Strawberries and champagne are always a winning combination, but try something different too: chocolate liqueur, combinations of berries and spirits, fresh cream and coffee, passion fruit and Chinese mandarins. Trust the experience of your staff and offer your customers a different way to toast to love .

The surprise effect

Couples who want to celebrate Valentine's Day want experiences to remember, immortalize and share, even on social networks . Why not surprise them with gifts and attention reserved exclusively for them?
Give a red rose to anyone who chooses to order the special cocktail dedicated to the party, or make an album available to customers in which to write love messages dedicated to their better half. Set up a corner of your place with themed decorations, rent a photo booth that customers can use to take creative and fun souvenir photos, perhaps tagging your place. Or accompany each course or drink with romantic cards full of love phrases, to make the evening even sweeter. Four simple ideas for even a small bar.

The right atmosphere

Intimacy, harmony and soft lighting: the atmosphere of Valentine's Day is made up of these elements. Your place must therefore be clean, romantic, light and the set-up must leave the possibility for customers to have their own corner available, in which to find a bit of tranquility and intimacy without feeling overwhelmed by chaos.
So be careful to study well the management of spaces , and train the staff to be efficient without being intrusive. Focus on the small details: sometimes it takes very little to create the right atmosphere .

And if you are looking for further ideas to prepare your place for Valentine's Day, at this link you will find some more ideas for your marketing strategy.
February 01, 2018