Are you opening a new place and need low-cost style ideas? Don't worry about the investment: it is possible to furnish a room with little money , achieving a great aesthetic effect. The important thing is to have a clear project, because the brand identity of a place depends on its success and nothing can be left to chance, as we explain here .

Read our advice carefully and you will realize that it is possible to furnish a room with little money. If, on the other hand, you need to renovate a room with a low budget, we have the right article for you .

1. Make room for recycled materials

Today recycling is synonymous with beauty! There are more and more Italian managers who embrace this sustainable solution to furnish a place with little money, aiming to create an eco-friendly atmosphere. Go to the flea markets to find the right objects, vintage or modern.

2. Empathize with potential customers

Who frequents your neighborhood? What kind of furniture do you expect to find in a room? Are they residents or tourists, families or students? Study your target audience carefully to best interpret their wishes. This way you will avoid making wrong purchases.

3. Share your passions

A club or bar expresses the character of the manager, who shares his day with hundreds of customers. To add a unique touch to the environment, choose a piece of furniture that recalls your passion . A vinyl, a unique piece, or some objects taken from a personal collection can make the difference.

4. Create the home effect

If you have enough space, you could create a living room effect with sofas and low tables, where customers can relax and immediately feel at ease. An extremely simple solution, but much appreciated.

5. Build the right atmosphere

Everything you place in the room must be harmonious, or capable of building an intense atmosphere. There is no need to overload the space with a myriad of objects: rather, take care of the balance between the ones you have chosen.

And remember: customers appreciate when a place has a neat and coordinated look. This is demonstrated by the example of Starbucks , the American chain that focuses its strategy on the relaxation experience. An excellent model to follow to increase the customers of your bar.

March 26, 2019