April 11 is Pet Day, a special date for those who love animals. And also for dog-friendly restaurant managers and for those who intend to create one, determined to extend hospitality to our four-legged friends as well. Read our advice and you will realize that it is possible to create dog-friendly restaurants that are attentive to everyone's needs: not only the animals and their owners, but also the other guests.

Why is admitting animals a winning idea?

Because it is useful for retaining a growing niche : that of dog lovers, who would never want to be separated from their four-legged friend. Dog-friendly restaurants differentiate themselves from the competition by making customers' lives easier on an issue that is close to their heart. Tailor your offer to be more competitive in a crowded market.

How to create dog friendly restaurants?

The first step is to comply with national and local regulations on allowing dogs; in some cases the Municipalities envisage specific regulations on the subject, aimed at guaranteeing hygiene and safety. Take care to prohibit access to rooms where food is prepared, handled, processed and stored (for example kitchens). For everyone's well-being, it is up to the operator to ensure that animals do not come into contact with food , both loose and packaged.

How to transform a dog friendly restaurant into a paradise for dogs and owners?

True dog-friendly restaurants go far beyond a simple welcome sign. You could set up special rooms or secluded areas at the edge of the room, where you don't disturb the tranquility of other customers allergic to animals. A bowl of water, snacks and even a meat-based menu for dogs will be very welcome: a good technique to pamper the animals and prevent them from disturbing guests, after having smelled inviting scents.

Creating dog-friendly restaurants is an important part of a global customer loyalty strategy. Through customer care , you can build a welcoming and familiar environment , where everyone feels at home. You are ready? Register your place in the online guides, tell everyone about your choice with a nice sign at the entrance and indulge yourself on social media: photos of animals and owners are always among the most popular shots on the web.

April 10, 2019
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