Tickle your customers' palates with new delicacies, surprising in shape and flavour. Techfood offers a range of equipment for bars and restaurants suitable for establishments looking for much more than just a plate. What is the most suitable solution for your business? Bubble Waffles and Choco Burgers open up new experiences for the palate, while Rondò Unika meets the needs of those who do not give up on proposing delicious dishes despite having limited space. Let's discover them together.

1. Bubble Waffle: the novelty of international street food

The waffle with bubbles is already very popular in the field of international street food and it is  a variant designed to amaze the most greedy customers. To prepare it, just activate the Bubble Waffle plate, which in a few moments allows you to serve sweet or savory delicacies to be filled with ice cream, creams, fruit, chocolate.

This equipment for bars and restaurants is in non-stick and self-cleaning Teflon,  it does not require extractor hoods and can be positioned anywhere in the room.

Techfood also supplies the food mix for the preparation. Thanks to the low food cost, the advantage is obvious: you can increase your revenue by€3,500 a month , spending €0.40 for each piece.

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2. Choco Burger: the new chocolate experience

It looks like a hamburger, but it's an original Oreo, Speculoos, Kinder Cereal dark or Kinder Cereal white dessert. Using the food mix with the special plate, you can prepare sandwich wafers in just a few seconds to be filled with a sweet chocolate medallion and all sorts of toppings.

The originality of Choco Burger immediately catches the eye: the display case included in the kit is designed to show the raw material and make your mouth water. But there's more: Techfood has studied an integrated solution that combines Choco Burger and Choco Kebab , two pieces of equipment for bars and restaurants with half the footprint.

3. Rondò Unika: machine with 6 interchangeable plates

Do you want to offer diversified menus, but space is limited? Don't worry: in this case the ideal solution is the Rondò Unika plate, suitable for creating sweet or savory crêpes , pancakes, waffles, donuts, churros and wafers starting from simple powder preparations that only require the addition of water.

The Teflon Longlife plates can be replaced on the fly thanks to the Easy clic system. In this way you can earn at all times of the day , from breakfast to the aperitif. Take advantage of the offer : a couple of plates and 10 kg of preparation cost €65 a month today.

Bubble Waffle, Choco Burger and Rondò Unika are 3 equipment for bars and restaurants able to offer a wide diversified proposal in a small space. If you want to know more, don't hesitate to contact us .

April 26, 2019