Can a crêpes cart make the fruit and vegetable business better? The answer is yes, and we'll let you tell it from the success story of Simona and Stefano, managers of the L'Oasi del Lupo store and the newly created Sapori d'Italia creperie in Crevalcore, in the Bolognese plain.
The name of the business is curious, what do you propose?
The name comes from my husband's nickname, who is known in the village as Lupo. Our business offers fruits and vegetables. We have a farm, which we manage and whose produce we offer. In the last year we have evolved to accommodate new market demands, so we asked ourselves what to combine with our fruit and vegetables and how to do it. Initially we focused on fruit salads, extracts and smoothies, but we wanted to broaden the sweet offer, going beyond strawberries and cream.
And hence the support of Techfood solutions…
Exact. We supplied the venue with Rondò Unika , Rondò 40 , Ice N Roll , Chocos , Yo4me and Combi Wave Smart . We came up with the idea of ​​selling our fresh products in combination with crepes, pancakes and waffles. In our country, in Crevalcore, there is no other business that offers similar desserts and we took the opportunity to distinguish ourselves, also aiming a lot at young people.
And how did the public react to the new offer?
Very good! The sale of sweets only started in October and was an immediate success, despite the fact that we are in a difficult moment due to the pandemic. Such a warm response although the distancing requirement and takeaway only surprised us.

Are you able to do takeaway?
Yes every day! People also come on Sundays and order desserts as a takeaway breakfast. And we also have a savory take away proposal with Combi Wave Smart. The demand was so high, customers kept asking us “do you make fries? The burgers?” and now here we are. With Combi Wave Smart we cook American toast, sandwich, burger and chips, cutlets, onion rings, stuffed olives. The takeaway is going so much, that they are also asking for takeaway from neighboring countries.
And with the Choco Kebab and Choco Burger proposal?
Great! Choco Kebab has become our signature product in the area.
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Yours is a different business from the bar, how did you create the sales stations?
With the street cart for crêpes and sweets Streety . We have customized and installed some in the shop. They are extremely functional for creating surfaces on which to place equipment. Now the place is equipped with all the technologies we needed.
It seems you have found a decisive formula for your shop. But then, what is the key to success?
Working well, aiming for quality and pleasing the public, that's what it takes. Because otherwise you don't differ from the others, and it's fundamental.
Simona and Stefano have been able to renew their business to take it to the next level. The first step is to find the right partner for the growth of the offer, such as Techfood. Are you looking for a new sales solution? Write to us, we will be at your side from demonstration to on-site training .
November 19, 2020