How is a new business born with street food?
They know it well in Marigliano, in the province of Naples, where creativity and imagination are not lacking, right here, not even a year ago, Maya's fruit shop and chocolate shop was born.
As can be read on their website, Maya's was born on a midsummer night from the initiative of two young boys, Ernesto Cutolo and Rachele Fusco, who decided to open a fruit and chocolate shop and name it after their daughter, Maya.
All of Campania, and in particular Naples and its territory, are lively and creative places, where the propensity for human contact and the mild climate have favored the development of street foods and the habit of take away and night food .
Taking advantage of this tradition, Maya's fruit and chocolate shop was born as a place open from late afternoon until late at night and offers numerous products created using machines and Techfood technology: chocokebabs, yoghurt, waffles, crepes, donuts and finally the churro, the absolute favorite product of their customers.
The specialty and flagship of this restaurant is to prepare everything instantly in front of their customers' eyes, to offer their legendary sliced ​​fresh fruit and to tend more and more to personalize the dishes without ever renouncing the quality of the raw materials.
The flair and imagination of these two young entrepreneurs develops, not surprisingly, here, where a few years ago the big businessmen who created their new business with street food were born . The Graffari propose the evolution of the night market made of donuts and giant stuffed croissants, and have depopulated with their "donuts" so loved by the people of the night.
Strengthened by this existing market and taking advantage of the novelty of the offer to attract the public, Maya's has added to the classic proposal a great use of fruit and chocolate, proposing skewers and chocolate cascades and starting a production of layered cakes/pancakes made with the Techfood machine for crepes filled with cream, chocolate, cream and fruit.
If you ask Mr. Ernesto how he managed to give birth to his business , you realize that his two watchwords are conviction and tenacity : both for him and for his wife this is their first experience in the food and beverage sector , both come from different fields, but with a good idea and the courage to try it they changed their work and their lives.
The result is the creation of a new business with street food which is attracting a lot of interest and which increasingly carries out a catering service and is involved in the organization of events for anniversaries and celebrations, not just private ones.
Local and regional institutions invite them and present them as local excellence and the proof of their success is that, less than a year after their opening, they are planning two new stores, one in San Giuseppe Vesuviano and the other in Salerno.
This is the classic case of Italian creativity applied to competence. A professionalism capable of generating opportunities and jobs.
If you happen to pass by Marigliano, go and find them, the Frutteria Cioccolateria Maya's is located in Via Somma 91.