Alessio Rossi is 23 years old and lives in Lodi. Like many young people of his age, he struggles to find a stable job, but he doesn't let himself be demoralized and decides to create a restaurant business with his own strength alone. Thus was born, from the willpower of Alessio, Sfizio Misto a Lodi. We asked him to tell us about his experience.

Alessio, where does the desire to open your own business come from?

I had had some experience as an employee in the restaurant business, but here it is difficult to find job guarantees and I wanted to grow. Create a professional position that would allow me not to depend on my parents, a more stable future. So I thought the best way was to open it myself. In Lodi, then, in my city there was no fast food, a place dedicated to young people, so I thought it was the right idea.

What are the first steps you took to create your own business?

Initially I thought about taking over an existing place, but none of the ones I examined convinced me. Turnover a bit low, or I wasn't convinced by the way they were positioned. Until I saw this little shop, the location was perfect, of course, but it was completely to furnish…

It has been difficult?

At first I looked around a bit, I saw some solutions. It was then my father who advised me to call Techfood. Angelo Iori was very helpful and helped me solve some problems, such as the arrangement of the bar equipment but also a market analysis in the city of Lodi to understand what the turnover and earnings could be.
In the end, I encountered the biggest difficulties in following the bureaucratic procedures of the various authorizations necessary for those who want to create a business in the restaurant business, I didn't expect such a long time.

What was the greatest satisfaction? 

Seeing people come in and compliment the place. They often tell me phrases like "it was just the place that was missing here in Lodi" or they compliment me on the idea, this is the thing that gives me the most satisfaction.

What advice would you give to a young man like you who wants to set up a business in the restaurant business?

He must have a lot of grit and desire to succeed. At first some difficulties can demoralize, not all characters are suitable for this job. And then, creativity, you need to know how to invent different menus, have new ideas to involve customers.
For all those who want to see firsthand the result of Alessio's work, his restaurant is in Lodi in via Incoronata, 5 or you can follow him on the facebook page .
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February 26, 2015