Halfway between an ice cream to eat with a spoon and a drink to drink with a straw, granitas are a summer must .
They are fresh, tasty, thirst-quenching and digestive and, thanks to the Italian Food Factory in collaboration with Techfood, also extremely practical and ready to use.
We are talking about Squeezita , the prêt-à-porter granita.

What are the advantages of not using the slush machine?

The slush machine takes up a lot of space and could be a problem, especially for smaller rooms, consumes a lot, requires constant maintenance and cleaning.
In addition to this, the difficulty in procuring raw materials has also affected the food sector and finding this type of machine on the market is currently very difficult.
This is why an immediately ready granita , without useless preparation times, certainly represents a clever solution.
If that weren't enough, Squeezita allows you to store without additional equipment with a classic well , guarantees maximum hygiene thanks to the practical single-serving packs, avoids waste, wasted time and expensive bills to pay.
In short, you will be able to offer your customers an always perfect frozen dessert.
Ideal for creating profit in the offer of your bar or restaurant business in a sustainable way .

But what is granita?

Granita is a fresh dessert very similar to ice cream . The base is really simple: water and sugar, to which fruit, syrups, juices or infusions are added.
The name derives from the verb granire , to reduce into grains, due to the grainy appearance of the ice. In fact, ice is the element that distinguishes this preparation from the sorbet , characterized instead by a finer consistency.
Initially the granitas were flavored only with lemons, strawberries or oranges , but from around the 1600s the almond, mulberry and pistachio flavored versions are also considered traditional .
Subsequently, coffee and chocolate drinks arrived up to the richness of the proposals we know today.
8 alternatives in the case of Squeezita, and one tastier than the other! From coconut to lemon, from strawberry to almond, you will have something to amaze your customers. Without forgetting the most delicious black coffee , chocolate, pistachio and hazelnut.
Squeezita is inspired by choice by the real Sicilian granita and carries on a purely Italian tradition, in practical 180 g single-portion packaging .

Adding granitas and cold creams to your restaurant's summer offerings is certainly a winning idea for your business.
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