It is said that a good morning begins in the morning, and in fact breakfast constitutes about 40% of the daily receipts of a bar.
In Italy, breakfast outside the home is a ritual for almost 70% of the population, a growing number thanks to the reopening of bars.
Cappuccino and brioche remain the favourites, but new needs and options are popping up among customer requests, from vegan to gluten-free to savory . Eugenia Botti , executive chef of Sano Italiano and trainer, explains it during the second Techfood webinar broadcast on Monday 24 May and in which we talked about breakfast and how even the smallest bars can offer a flue-free pastry offer with costs limited . Let's see together three important points of the video course.

V for variety

Breakfast consumption habits have changed slightly: in some cases , take-away to take to the office is still preferred; in others, on the other hand, breakfast becomes a more relaxed moment and is consumed in the middle of the morning , with a consequent increase in requests for salty foods.
"Our job - says Eugenia Botti during the webinar - is to listen to customer needs, sometimes anticipate them to respond to the best of our abilities ." With the Combi Wave and Combi Wave Smart countertop systems you can satisfy every whim in peace: from the sudden request for a hot toast for breakfast to those who would like a croissant at 11:53.

Also for speed

Varying the offer, thinking of those who want something more than the classic croissant, represents an advantage for differentiating the bar from your competitors. With Combi Wave and Combi Wave Smart you are able to satisfy more requests with vent-free pastry products and with reduced costs . As Eugenia Botti explains:
"The advantage of the Combi cooking systems lies in being able to prepare many things with just one piece of equipment. The savings in terms of space and energy consumption are no small thing when we are talking about small-sized premises. They allow us to follow the flow of the day, from crowded with just a few customers, turning the ovens off and on again when necessary, because they heat up in a very short time. "

And for value

What is the value you give to the consumer experience in your establishment? Eugenia Botti highlights a factor often overlooked, albeit crucial for choosing a venue.
"There is a big difference between a croissant made at 6 in the morning and one baked at 10:00. Anyone who enters the restaurant at 11:30 will be surprised and pleased to still smell the scent and crunchiness of a fresh product, and will return in the café because he knows that the croissants are hot all morning."
Furthermore, cooking products on demand or in batches offers you a plus in terms of food waste. You will have no inventories, going to have greater control over the unsold of the day.
These are the three main advantages of the bench equipment of the Combi line. In the full video you will also find some easy-to-make recipes:

With the right equipment, the solutions multiply, at all times of the day. To fill and garnish all types of breakfast, from sweet to savory options, why not combine one of our dispensers ?
May 25, 2021