Easter is a holiday deeply felt by Italians, who for centuries have handed down local rites and traditions from generation to generation. Starting from the most recent customs such as the Colomba, created at the beginning of the twentieth century, up to the oldest ones - the use of chocolate eggs dates back to the Sun King - do not forget to add sweet proposals to your take-away menus.
Among the typical regional dishes and the revisited classics, we thought we'd offer you three simple desserts for bars which, in addition to being particularly inviting, will amaze your customers. Chocolate is the common element of these proposals for a tasteful take away :

Stuffed dove

The dove is undoubtedly the typical dessert of this festival and is eaten in many ways: traditional with icing, almonds and filled with candied fruit or re-invented with fillings of your choice. We advise you to propose it with hazelnut or pistachio cream: with the help of Squeezita you can fill it on the spot to guarantee freshness to the product and allow for even greater customization.
You can stuff the whole dove or even offer pieces for breakfast or Easter and Easter Monday brunch.

Crêpes with two chocolates

Another typical tradition of this period are sweets with chocolate eggs.
Staying on the subject, offer some really tasty crêpes garnished with dark and white chocolate cream with hazelnuts.
With Rondo Unika and Squeezita you can quickly create an unforgettable take-away dessert.

Choco Pizza

A third sweet proposal is the chocolate pizza that you can make with Choco Pizza : the waffle pod is already divided into 6 triangular slices and makes Choco Pizza easier to share and take away .
In addition to these desserts for bars, to amaze your customers you can offer a greeting card in which you tell the typical Easter games to play at home with the whole family, such as decorating eggs or treasure hunting with chocolate eggs .
If, on the other hand, you are looking for savory proposals, for your bar or to suggest, bet on these savory crêpes . Congratulations!
April 03, 2021